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Out of Date
This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
You may want to check the equivalent full zoom project which is in a more advanced stage

The following is a partial list of graphics that are needed to replace the original TTDX graphics.

Original 32bpp Credits Status
Ground tiles - Misc
Water Water Tile.png user:? DONE
Bare Tile Bare.png Unclaimed
Concrete Tile Concrete.png 1420 z0.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Stone Tile Stone.png Unclaimed
Ground tiles - Temperate
Transition 1 Tile Bare Temperate.png Temperate Bare new Ben.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Transition 2 Tile Bare Temperate2.png Temperate Bare2 new Ben.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Grass Tile Temperate.png Temperate Ground new Ben.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Bumpy Tile Bumpy Temperate.png Temperate Bumpy new Ben.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Rocky Tile Rocks Temperate.png Temperate Rocks new Ben.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Shores Tile Shore Temperate.png Unclaimed
Ground tiles - Arctic
Transition 1 Tile Bare Arctic.png Unclaimed
Transition 2 Tile Bare Arctic2.png Unclaimed
Grass Tile Arctic.png Unclaimed
Bumpy Tile Bumpy Arctic.png Unclaimed
Rocky Tile Rocks Arctic.png Unclaimed
Snow transition 1 Tile Snow Arctic.png Unclaimed
Snow transition 2 Tile Snow Arctic2.png Unclaimed
Snow transition 3 Tile Snow Arctic3.png Unclaimed
Snow Tile Snow Arctic4.png Unclaimed
Shores Tile Shore Arctic.png Unclaimed
Ground tiles - Tropical
Transition 1 Tile Bare Tropical.png Unclaimed
Transition 2 Tile Bare Tropical2.png Unclaimed
Grass Tile Tropical.png 38 z0.png Ben_Robbins_ and Habell DONE
Bumpy Tile Bumpy Tropical.png 61 z0.png Ben_Robbins_ and Habell DONE
Rocky Tile Rocks Tropical.png 84 z0.png Ben_Robbins_ and Habell DONE
Desert transition 1 Tile Desert Tropical.png Unclaimed
Desert Tile Desert Tropical2.png Desert Normal new Wacki.png Wacki DONE
Bumpy desert Unclaimed
Shores Tile Shore Tropical.png Unclaimed
Ground tiles - Farms
Farm field 1 Tile Farm1.png Tile Farm1new.png Alltaken DONE
Farm field 2 Tile Farm2.png Tile Farm2new.png Alltaken DONE
Farm field 3 Tile Farm3.png Tile Farm3new.png Alltaken DONE
Farm field 4 Tile Farm4.png Tile Farm4new.png Alltaken DONE
Farm field 5 Tile Farm5.png Tile Farm5new.png Alltaken DONE
Farm field 6 Tile Farm6.png Tile Farm6new.png Alltaken DONE
Farm field 7 Tile Farm7.png Tile Farm7new.png Alltaken DONE
Farm field 8 Tile Farm8.png Tile Farm8new.png Alltaken DONE
Farm field 9 Tile Farm9.png Tile Farm9new.png Alltaken DONE
Temperate Found997.png Unclaimed
Arctic Found c 335.png Unclaimed
Tropical Found h 524.png Unclaimed
Toyland Found t 550.png Unclaimed
Farm fences
Wooden fence WoodenFarmFences.png Unclaimed
Hedge/wooden fence Hedge-WoodenFarmFences.png Unclaimed
Hedge 1 Hedge1FarmFences.png Unclaimed
Hedge 2 Hedge2FarmFences.png Unclaimed
Hedge 3 Hedge3FarmFences.png Unclaimed
Stone fence StoneFarmFences.png Unclaimed
Rail fences
Temperate Fence1301.png Unclaimed
Arctic ArcticRailFence.png Unclaimed
Tropical TropicalRailFence.png Unclaimed
Toyland ToylandRailFence.png Unclaimed
City Road1313.png 1313 z0.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Temperate Road1332.png 1332 z0.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Arctic Road c 211.png Unclaimed
Arctic snow Road1351.png Unclaimed
Tropical Road h 388.png 388 z0.png Ben_Robbins_ and Habell DONE
Tropical desert Road h 199.png Unclaimed
Toyland Road t 153.png Unclaimed
Toyland city Road t 134.png Unclaimed
Road tunnel entrances
Temperate Tunnel2389 2390.png Temperate tunnel2389 2390.png Ben_Robbins_ DONE
Arctic Tunnel c238 c239.png Unclaimed
Arctic snow Tunnel2421 2422.png Unclaimed
Tropical Tunnel h226 h227.png Tropical tunnel.png Ben_Robbins_ and Habell DONE
Tropical desert Tunnel h509 h510.png Unclaimed
Toyland Tunnel t1170 t1171.png Unclaimed
Temperate Railway1011.png Unclaimed
Arctic Railway c169.png Unclaimed
Arctic snow Railway1037.png Unclaimed
Tropical Railway h157.png Unclaimed
Tropical desert Railway h407.png Unclaimed
Toyland Railway t180.png Unclaimed
Temperate Monorail 1093.png Unclaimed
Arctic Monorail c121.png Unclaimed
Arctic snow Monorail 1119.png Unclaimed
Tropical Monorail h109.png Unclaimed
Tropical desert Monorail h433.png Unclaimed
Toyland Monorail t212.png Unclaimed
Temperate Maglev 1175.png Unclaimed
Arctic Maglev c284.png Unclaimed
Arctic snow Maglev 1201.png Unclaimed
Tropical Maglev h272.png Unclaimed
Tropical desert Maglev h459.png Unclaimed
Toyland Maglev t244.png Unclaimed
Railway tunnel entrances
Temperate RailTemperateTunnel 2365 2366.png Unclaimed
Arctic RailArcticTunnel c230 c231.png Unclaimed
Arctic snow RailSnowTunnel 2397 2398.png Unclaimed
Tropical RailTropicalTunnel h218 h219.png Unclaimed
Tropical desert RailDesertTunnel h485 h486.png Unclaimed
Toyland RailToylandTunnel t1146 t1147.png Unclaimed
Temperate MonorailTemperateTunnel.png Unclaimed
Arctic MonorailArcticTunnel.png Unclaimed
Arctic snow MonorailSnowTunnel.png Unclaimed
Tropical MonorailTropicalTunnel.png Unclaimed
Tropical desert MonorailDesertTunnel.png Unclaimed
Toyland MonorailToylandTunnel.png Unclaimed
Temperate MagLevTemperateTunnel.png Unclaimed
Arctic MagLevArcticTunnel.png Unclaimed
Arctic snow MagLevSnowTunnel.png Unclaimed
Tropical MagLevTropicalTunnel.png Unclaimed
Tropical desert MagLevDesertTunnel.png Unclaimed
Toyland MagLevToylandTunnel.png Unclaimed
Train stations
Railway Train station rail.png Unclaimed
Monorail Train station monorail.png Unclaimed
Maglev Train station maglev.png Unclaimed
Train depots
Railway Rail Depot.PNG Unclaimed
Monorail Monorail Depot.PNG Unclaimed
MagLev Maglev Depot.PNG Unclaimed
Road vehicle bays
Bus station Busstation.PNG Unclaimed
Freight loading bay Lorry.png Unclaimed
Depot Road Depot.PNG Unclaimed
Ship stops
Dock Dock.png Unclaimed
Ship Depot Ship yard.png Unclaimed
Small airport Small airport.PNG Unclaimed
Commuter airport Commuterairport.png Unclaimed
City airport City airport.PNG Unclaimed
Metropolitan airport Metropolitan airport.PNG Unclaimed
International airport International airport.PNG Unclaimed
Intercontinental airport Intercontinentalairport.png Unclaimed
Heliport Heliport.png Unclaimed
Buildings - Industries
Coal Mine
Coalmine.png Unclaimed
Iron Ore Mine
Ironoremine.png Unclaimed
Copper Ore Mine
Copperoremine.png Unclaimed
Gold Mine
Goldmine.png Unclaimed
Diamond Mine
Diamondmine.png Unclaimed
Power Station
PowerStationOriginal.PNG 32bpp powerplants.png LordAzamath DONE
Steel Mill
Steelmill.png 32bpp steelmill.png ade (http://ade.se) DONE
Sawmill.png Unclaimed
Forest(industry).png Unclaimed
Farm Farm.png Unclaimed
Factory Factory.png Unclaimed
Oil Wells Oilwells.png Unclaimed
Oil Rig Oilrig.png Oil Rig temperate 32bpp.png Wacki DONE
Oil Refinery Oilrefinery.png Unclaimed
Paper Mill
Papermill.png PaperMill.png BerberJesus DONE
Printing Works
Printworks.png Unclaimed
Bank.png Unclaimed
(tropical, arctic)
Tropicalbank.png Tropical Bank by LordAzamath.png LordAzamath DONE
Water Supply
Water supply.gif Unclaimed
Water Tower
Water tower.gif Watertower 32bpp.png Varivar DONE
Fruit Plantation
Fruitplantation.png Unclaimed
Rubber Plantation
Rubberplantation.png Unclaimed
Food Processing Plant
(arctic, tropical)
Foodprocplant.png Unclaimed
Buildings - Rural buildings
1×1 cinema Cinema.png Unclaimed
1×1 tall Tallcottage.png Unclaimed
1×1 short Smalloldcottage.png BerberJesus - 001.PNG BerberJesus DONE
1×1 church Church.png Unclaimed
1×1 stumpy Smalloldcottage2.png Stumpy.png Berberjezus DONE
1×1 office block Greyflats.png Unclaimed
1×1 group of houses 3townhouse.png Unclaimed
2×1 hotel Hotel.png Unclaimed
1×1 country house Modernhouse.png Unclaimed
1×1 country house 2 Modernhouse2.png Unclaimed
1×1 group of town houses 3townhouseandgarden.png Unclaimed
1×1 pair of town houses 2townhouseandgardens.png Unclaimed
Buildings - Town buildings
1×1 Flats Flats4.png Unclaimed
1×1 park #1 Park001.PNG Unclaimed
1×1 park #2 Park002.PNG Unclaimed
2×2 American football stadium Americanfootballstadium.png Unclaimed
1×1 tall flats Talltownhouseflats.png Unclaimed
1×1 shops Smallshop.png Unclaimed
1×1 shops ModernShops.png Unclaimed
2×2 Football Stadium Soccerstadium.png Unclaimed
Buildings - City buildings
1×1 warehouse Smallwarehouse.png Unclaimed
1×1 Futuristic office block Futuristictower.png Unclaimed
1×1 Modern office block Modernofficetower.png Unclaimed
1×1 office tower Officetower.png Unclaimed
1×1 office tower white 1423 orig.png Unclaimed
1×1 row of flats Flats.png Unclaimed
1×1 theater Theater.png Unclaimed
1×1 Glasgow building Overhangflats.png Unclaimed
1×1 courtyard flats Flats2.png Unclaimed
1×1 tall office block Talloffices.png Unclaimed
1×1 Clydesdale Bank Building Modernofficeblock.png Unclaimed
1×1 Shops and offices Shopsandoffices2.png Unclaimed
1×1 Shops and offices Shopsandoffices.png Unclaimed
1×1 town houses with garden 2townhouseandgarden.png Unclaimed
1×1 Flats Flats3.png Unclaimed
1×1 Swiss style house Swissstylehouse.png Unclaimed
1×1 house and pool Houseandpool.png Unclaimed
1×1 2 compact cottages 2smallcotteges.png Unclaimed
2×2 shopping mall Shopping Mall.PNG Unclaimed
1×1 hanging glass building Tall Yellow-Glass Hanging Building.PNG Unclaimed
1×1 cottage Smaleroldcottage.png Unclaimed
1×1 fountain 1x1fountain8yu.gif Unclaimed
1×1 statue 1x1 Statue.PNG Unclaimed
1×1 office block 1460.png Unclaimed
Buildings - New buildings
2×1 Office Building 4-highriseb 521.png dmh_mac DONE
1×1 Small house Smallhome3.jpg Processor(POL) DONE
Commercial Twins Gorre largeoffices.png Gorre DONE
1×1 Family House Gorre familyhouse a.png Gorre DONE
4x2 Primary School Gorre school.png Gorre DONE
English Village House 1 English Village h1.png Aracirion DONE
English Village House 2 English Village h2.png Aracirion DONE
Construction crane Gorre crane a.png Gorre DONE
Buildings - Tropical buildings
1×1 houses #1 1x1 houses trop1.png 1x1housetrop1.png Wacki DONE
1×1 houses #2 1x1 houses trop2.png 1x1housetrop2.png Wacki DONE
1×1 houses #3 1x1 houses trop3.png 1x1housetrop3.png Wacki DONE
1×1 houses #4 1x1 houses trop4.png 1x1housetrop4.png Wacki DONE
1×1 houses #5 1x1 houses trop5.png 1x1housetrop5.png Wacki DONE
1×1 houses #6 1x1 houses trop6.png 1x1housetrop6.png Wacki DONE
1×1 houses #7 1x1 houses trop7.png 1x1housetrop7.png Wacki DONE
1×1 houses #8 1x1 houses trop8.png 1x1housetrop8.png Wacki DONE
1×1 flats #1 1x1 flats trop1.png Unclaimed
1×1 flats #2 1x1 flats trop2.png 1x1flatstrop2.png Wacki DONE
1×1 flats #3 1x1 flats trop3.png Unclaimed
1×1 flats #4 1x1 flats trop4.png Unclaimed
1×1 flats #5 1x1 flats trop5.png 1x1flatstrop5.png Wacki DONE
1×1 flats #6 1x1 flats trop7.png Trop7 fin copy.png Rectangle DONE
2×1 flats 2x1 flats trop6.png Unclaimed
Buildings - Arctic buildings
1×1 Small Flat 1 1x1smallflat1.png Unclaimed
1×1 Small Flat 2 1x1smallflat2.png Unclaimed
1×1 Small House 1 1x1smallhouse1.png Unclaimed
Buildings - Headquarters
Engineer HQ1.png Unclaimed
Traffic Manager HQ2.png Unclaimed
Transport Coordinator HQ3.png Unclaimed
Director HQ4.png Unclaimed
Chairman HQ5.png Unclaimed
Rail vehicles - Locomotives Temperate
Jinty 3F TTOJinty.png Ben Robbins Jinty.jpg Ben Robbins DONE
Collett Pannier Tank (Steam) Kirbypaultank.png Unclaimed
Stanier 'Crab' (Steam) Chaneyjubilee.png Unclaimed
Stanier 'Jubilee' (Steam) Chaneyjubilee.png 2910 z0.png Teemes DONE
Gresley 'D49' (Steam) Chaneyjubilee.png Unclaimed
Gresley 'A3' (Steam) Chaneyjubilee.png Unclaimed
Gresley 'A4' (Steam) Ginzua4.png Ben Robbins A4 Gresley.jpg Ben Robbins DONE
Bullied 'Q1' (Steam) Chaneyjubilee.png Unclaimed
BR '8P' 1954 (Steam) Chaneyjubilee.png Ben Robbins 9 BR 8P 1954.jpg Ben Robbins DONE
Metro Cammell Class 101 DMU (Diesel) Manleymoreldmu.png Unclaimed
'Sprinter Class 158' (Diesel) Dash.png Unclaimed
BR/Sulzer Class '25' (Diesel) Shhendry25.png Unclaimed
EE Class '37' (Diesel) Uu37.png Unclaimed
Brush Class '47' (Diesel) Floss47.png Unclaimed
HST '125' (Diesel) Sh125.png Class125.png Ben Robbins DONE
BR Class '86' (Electric) Sh30.png Unclaimed
BR Class '87' (Electric) Sh30.png Unclaimed
'T.G.V' (Electric) Tim.png Ben Robbins Tgv3.jpg Ben Robbins DONE
'Eurostar' (Electric) Asiastar.png Ben Robbins Eurostar3.jpg Ben Robbins DONE
'X2001' (Monorail) X2001.png Unclaimed
'Millennium Z1' (Monorail) Millenniumz1.png Unclaimed
Lev1 'Leviathan' (MagLev) Lev1leviathan.png Unclaimed
Lev2 'Cyclops' (MagLev) Lev2cyclops.png Unclaimed
Lev3 'Pegasus' (MagLev) Lev2cyclops.png Unclaimed
Lev4 'Chimaera' (MagLev) Lev4chimaerarhead.png Ben Robbins Maglev3.jpg Ben Robbins DONE
Rail vehicles - Locomotives Arctic/Tropical
MJS 250 (Diesel) Mjs250.png Unclaimed
BC 2-8-0 (Steam) Wills280.png Unclaimed
CS 4000 (Diesel) Cs4000.png Unclaimed
CS 2400 (Diesel) Cs2400.png Unclaimed
Centennial (Diesel) Centennial.png Unclaimed
Kelling 3100 (Diesel) Kelling3100.png Unclaimed
Turner Turbo (Diesel) Turnerturbo.png Unclaimed
MJS 1000 (Diesel) Mjs1000.png Unclaimed
Rail vehicles - Locomotives Toyland
Ploddyphut Choo-Choo Ploddyphutchoochoo.png Unclaimed
Powernaut Choo-Choo Powernautchoochoo.png Unclaimed
Mightymover Choo-Choo Mightymoverchoochoo.png Unclaimed
Ploddyphut Diesel Ploddyphutdiesel.png Unclaimed
Powernaut Diesel Powernautdiesel.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Z99 Wizzowowz99.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Rocketeer Wizzowowrocketeer.png Unclaimed
Rail vehicles - Wagons
Passenger Carriage Passengercarriage.png Ben Robbins DONE
Passenger Carriage Passengercarriagex.png Ben Robbins DONE
Mail Van Mailvan.png Unclaimed
Coal Truck Coaltruck.png Coal Waggon.PNG Slye_Fox DONE
Oil Tanker Oiltanker.png Oil Tanker.PNG Slye_Fox DONE
Livestock Van Livestockvan.png Unclaimed
Goods Van Goodsvan.png Ben Robbins DONE
Grain Hopper Grainhopper.png Grain Hopper.PNG Slye_Fox DONE
Wood Truck Woodtruck.png Wood Wagon.PNG Slye_Fox DONE
Iron Ore Hopper Ironorehopper.png Unclaimed
Steel Truck Steeltruck.png Unclaimed
Armoured Van Armouredvan.png Unclaimed
Food Van Foodvan.png Unclaimed
Paper Truck Papertruck.png Unclaimed
Copper Ore Hopper Copperorehopper.png Unclaimed
Water Tanker Watertanker.png Unclaimed
Fruit Truck Fruittruck.png Unclaimed
Rubber Truck Rubbertruck.png Unclaimed
Rail vehicles - Wagons Toyland
Candyfloss Hopper Candyflosshopper.png Unclaimed
Toffee Hopper Toffeehopper.png Unclaimed
Bubble Van Bubblevan.png Unclaimed
Cola Tanker Colatanker.png Unclaimed
Sweet Van Sweetvan.png Unclaimed
Toy Van Toyvan.png Unclaimed
Battery Truck Batterytruck.png Unclaimed
Fizzy Drink Truck Fuzzydrinktruck.png Unclaimed
Sugar Truck Sugartruck.png Unclaimed
Plastic Truck Plastictruck.png Unclaimed
Road vehicles - Buses
MPS Regal Bus Bus-MPS Regal.png Unclaimed
Leyland Leopard Bus Bus-Hereford Leopard.png Unclaimed
Foster Bus Bus-foster.png Unclaimed
Foster MkII Superbus Bus-Foster MkII Superbus.png Unclaimed
Ploddyphut MkI Bus Ploddyphut MkI Bus.png Unclaimed
Ploddyphut MkII Bus Ploddyphut MkII Bus.png Unclaimed
Ploddyphut MkIII Bus Ploddyphut MkIII Bus.png Unclaimed
Road vehicles - Trucks
Balogh Coal Truck Balogh Coal Truck.png Unclaimed
Uhl Coal Truck Uhl Coal Truck.png Unclaimed
DW Coal Truck DW Coal Truck.png Unclaimed
MPS Mail Truck MPS Mail Truck.png Unclaimed
Reynard Mail Truck Reynard Mail Truck.png Unclaimed
Perry Mail Truck Perry Mail Truck.png Unclaimed
MightyMover Mail Truck MightyMover Mail Truck.png Unclaimed
Powernaught Mail Truck Powernaught Mail Truck.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Mail Truck Wizzowow Mail Truck.png Unclaimed
Witcombe Oil Tanker Witcombe Oil Tanker.png Unclaimed
Foster Oil Tanker Foster Oil Tanker.png Unclaimed
Perry Oil Tanker Perry Oil Tanker.png Unclaimed
Talbott Livestock Van Talbott Livestock Van.png Unclaimed
Uhl Livestock Van Uhl Livestock Van.png Unclaimed
Foster Livestock Van Foster Livestock Van.png Unclaimed
Balogh Goods Truck Balogh Goods Truck.png Unclaimed
Craighead Goods Truck Craighead Goods Truck.png Unclaimed
Goss Goods Truck Goss Goods Truck.png Unclaimed
Hereford Grain Truck Hereford Grain Truck.png Unclaimed
Thomas Grain Truck Thomas Grain Truck.png Unclaimed
Goss Grain Truck Goss Grain Truck.png Unclaimed
Witcombe Wood Truck Witcombe Wood Truck.png Unclaimed
Foster Wood Truck Foster Wood Truck.png Unclaimed
Moreland Wood Truck Moreland Wood Truck.png Unclaimed
MPS Iron Ore Truck MPS Iron Ore Truck.png Unclaimed
Uhl Iron Ore Truck Uhl Iron Ore Truck.png Unclaimed
Chippy Iron Ore Truck Chippy Iron Ore Truck.png Unclaimed
Balogh Steel Truck Balogh Steel Truck.png Unclaimed
Uhl Steel Truck Uhl Steel Truck.png Unclaimed
Kelling Steel Truck Kelling Steel Truck.png Unclaimed
Balogh Armoured Truck Balogh Armoured Truck.png Unclaimed
Uhl Armoured Truck Uhl Armoured Truck.png Unclaimed
Foster Armoured Truck Foster Armoured Truck.png Unclaimed
Foster Food Van Foster Food Van.png Unclaimed
Perry Food Van Perry Food Van.png Unclaimed
Chippy Food Van Chippy Food Van.png Unclaimed
Uhl Paper Truck Uhl Paper Truck.png Unclaimed
Balogh Paper Truck Balogh Paper Truck.png Unclaimed
MPS Paper Truck MPS Paper Truck.png Unclaimed
MPS Copper Ore Truck MPS Copper Ore Truck.png Unclaimed
Uhl Copper Ore Truck Uhl Copper Ore Truck.png Unclaimed
Goss Copper Ore Truck Goss Copper Ore Truck.png Unclaimed
Uhl Water Tanker Uhl Water Tanker.png Unclaimed
Balogh Water Tanker Balogh Water Tanker.png Unclaimed
MPS Water Tanker MPS Water Tanker.png Unclaimed
Balogh Fruit Truck Balogh Fruit Truck.png Unclaimed
Uhl Fruit Truck Uhl Fruit Truck.png Unclaimed
Kelling Fruit Truck Kelling Fruit Truck.png Unclaimed
Balogh Rubber Truck Balogh Rubber Truck.png Unclaimed
Uhl Rubber Truck Uhl Rubber Truck.png Unclaimed
RMT Rubber Truck RMT Rubber Truck.png Unclaimed
MightyMover Sugar Truck MightyMover Sugar.gif Unclaimed
Powernaught Sugar Truck Powernaught Sugar.gif Unclaimed
Wizzowow Sugar Truck Wizzowow Sugar.gif Unclaimed
MightyMover Bubble Truck MightyMover Bubble.gif Unclaimed
Powernaught Bubble Truck Powernaught bubble.gif Unclaimed
Wizzowow Bubble Truck Wizzowow Bubble.gif Unclaimed
MightyMover Battery Truck MightyMover Battery.gif Unclaimed
Powernaught Battery Truck Powernaught Battery.gif Unclaimed
Wizzowow Battery Truck Wizzow Battery.gif Unclaimed
MightyMover Sweet Truck MightyMover Sweet.png Unclaimed
Powernaught Sweet Truck Powernaught Sweet.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Sweet Truck Wizzow Sweet.png Unclaimed
MightyMover Toy Van MightyMover Toy.png Unclaimed
Powernaught Toy Van Powernaught Toy.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Toy Van Wizzow Toy.png Unclaimed
MightyMover Candyfloss Truck CandyflossTruck.png Unclaimed
Powernaught Candyfloss Truck CandyflossTruck.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Candyfloss Truck CandyflossTruck.png Unclaimed
MightyMover Fizzydrink Truck MightyMover FizzyDrink.png Unclaimed
Powernaught Fizzydrink Truck Powernaught FizzyDrink.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Fizzydrink Truck Wizzowow FizzyDrink.png Unclaimed
MightyMover Plastic Truck MightyMover plastic.png Unclaimed
Powernaught Plastic Truck Powernaught plastic.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Plastic Truck Wizzowow plastic.png Unclaimed
MightyMover Toffee Truck MightyMover toffee.png Unclaimed
Powernaught Toffee Truck Powernaught toffee.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Toffee Truck Wizzowow toffee.png Unclaimed
MightyMover Cola Truck MightyMover Cola.png Unclaimed
Powernaught Cola Truck Powernaught Cola.png Unclaimed
Wizzowow Cola Truck Wizzow Cola.png Unclaimed
Sampson U52
(Junkers J52)
JunkersJU52.png Unclaimed
Coleman Count
(Vickers Viscount)
DouglasDC-3Dakota.png Unclaimed
FFP Dart
(Aérospatiale SE-310 Caravelle)
AërospatialeSE-310Caravelle.png Unclaimed
Yate Haugan
BAC-AërospatialConcorde.png Unclaimed
Bakewell Cotswald LB-3
(DC-3 Dakota)
DouglasDC-3Dakota.png Unclaimed
Bakewell Luckett LB-8
(McDonnell Douglas DC-8)
McDonnellDouglasDC-8.png Unclaimed
Bakewell Luckett LB-9
(McDonnell Douglas DC-9)
McDonnellDouglasDC-9.png Unclaimed
Bakewell Luckett LB80
(McDonnell Douglas MD80)
McDonnellDouglasMD80.png Unclaimed
Bakewell Luckett LB-10
(McDonnell Douglas DC-10)
McDonnelDouglasDC-10.png Unclaimed
Bakewell Luckett LB-11
(McDonnell Douglas MD-11)
McDonnellDouglasMD-11.png Unclaimed
Yate Aerospace YAC 1-11
(British Aerospace BAC 1-11)
BritishAerospaceBAC1-11.png Unclaimed
Darwin 100
(Boeing 727)
Boeing727.png Unclaimed
Darwin 200
(Boeing 737)
Boeing737.png Unclaimed
Darwin 300
(Boeing 747)
Boeing747.png Unclaimed
Darwin 400
(Boeing 757)
Boeing757.png Unclaimed
Darwin 500
(Boeing 767)
Boeing767.png Unclaimed
Darwin 600
(Boeing 777)
AirbusA330.png Unclaimed
Guru Galaxy
(Lockheed L-1011 Tristar)
LockheedTristar.png Unclaimed
Airtaxi A21
(Airbus A300)
AirbusA300.png Unclaimed
Airtaxi A31
(Airbus A310)
AirbusA300.png Unclaimed
Airtaxi A32
(Airbus A320)
AirbusA320.png Unclaimed
Airtaxi A33
(Airbus A330)
AirbusA330.png Unclaimed
Yate Aerospace YAe46
(British Aerospace BAe 146)
BritishAerospaceBAe46.png Unclaimed
Dinger 100
(Fokker 100)
Fokker100.png Unclaimed
AirTaxi A34-1000
(unknown/futuristic, A380?)
AirTaxiA34-1000.png Unclaimed
Yate Z-Shuttle
YateZ-Shuttle.png Unclaimed
Kelling K1
KellingK1.png Unclaimed
Kelling K6
KellingK6.png Unclaimed
Kelling K7
KellingK7.png Unclaimed
Darwin 700
(possibly 787?)
Darwin700.png Unclaimed
FFP Hyperdart 2
FFPHyperdart2.png Unclaimed
Dinger 200
Dinger200.png Unclaimed
Dinger 1000
Dinger1000.png Unclaimed
Tricario Helicopter
(Sikorsky S-62)
SikorskyHelicopter.png Unclaimed
Guru X2 Helicopter
GuruX2Helicopter.png Unclaimed
Ploddyphut 100 Ploddyphut100.png Unclaimed
Ploddyphut 500 Ploddyphut500.png Unclaimed
Flashbang X1 Flashbang X1.png Unclaimed
Juggerplane M1 JuggerplaneM1.png Unclaimed
Flashbang Wizzer Flashbangwizzer.png Unclaimed
Powernaut Helicopter Powernauthelicopter.png Unclaimed
MPS Passenger Ferry Ferry.png Unclaimed
FFP Passenger Ferry Ferry.png Unclaimed
Bakewell 300 Hovercraft Hovercraft.png Unclaimed
Yate Cargo ship CargoShip.png Unclaimed
Bakewell Cargo ship CargoShip.png Unclaimed
MPS Oil Tanker OilTanker.png Unclaimed
CS-Inc. Oil Tanker OilTanker.png Unclaimed
Chugger-Chug Passenger Ferry Toylandpassengership.png Unclaimed
Shivershake Passenger Ferry Toylandpassengership.png Unclaimed
Mightymover Cargo ship Toylandcargoship.png Unclaimed
Powernaut Cargo ship Toylandcargoship.png Unclaimed
Miscellaneous vehicles
Small UFO Unclaimed
Large UFO Unclaimed
Fighter Unclaimed
Combat aircraft Combat aircraft.jpg Unclaimed
Submarine Submarine.jpg Unclaimed
GUI - Game toolbar
Pause 01 pause.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Fastforward 02 fastforward.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Options 03 options.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Save 04 savegame.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Map 05 map.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Town Directory 06 towndirectory.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Subsidies 07 subsidies.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Stations 08 stations.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Finance 09 finance.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Company Info 10 companyinfo.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Graphs 11 graphs.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
League Table 12 leaguetable.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Fund Industry 13 fundindustry.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Train 14 train.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Vehicle 15 vehicle.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Ship 16 ship.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Plane 17 plane.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Zoom In 18 zoomin.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Zoom Out 19 zoomout.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Rail 20 rail.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Road 21 road.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Seaport 22 seaport.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Airport 23 airport.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Landscape 24 landscape.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Sound 25 soundmusic.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
News Reports 26 newsreports.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
Land Info 27 landinfo.png JoeD / GeekToo DONE
GUI - Landscape toolbar
Lower Land 28 lowerland.png Unclaimed
Raise Land 29 raiseland.png Unclaimed
Level Land 30 levelland.png Unclaimed
Clear 31 clear.png Unclaimed
Buy Land 32 buyland.png Unclaimed
Place Trees 33 placetrees.png Unclaimed
Place Sign 34 placesign.png Unclaimed
GUI - Pointers
Pointer Pointers0.png Unclaimed
Loading Pointers1.png Unclaimed
Goto(1) Pointers716.png Unclaimed
Goto(2) Pointers717.png Unclaimed
Goto(3) Pointers718.png Unclaimed
Help Pointers719.png Unclaimed
Place HQ Pointers720.png Unclaimed
GUI - Airport toolbar
Build Airport Airport construction.png Unclaimed
Clear Land Clear title.png Unclaimed

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