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This article is being translated from English to Russian

Title of original article: Перевод/Ru
Percentage: 0%
  • Please help improve it by helping in drafting.
  • Use the Manual of Style for a correct edition.
  • Remember to remove this template once the article has been correctly translated.

Want to participate? Want to translate to new languages? Head to the WebTranslator FAQ read up on how to be allowed to translate. The official way of translating OpenTTD is WebTranslator.

The language files have a special Format

List of supported languages

List of languages

From now on, you can get the exact information here about missing/broken strings: WebTranslator status page.

Other colaborations

You can also help with translating this site into different languages:

Category:Articles in other languages

  • CA (Català/Catalan): També pots col·laborar traduïnt aquesta web a altres llengües. Pàgina principal/Ca
  • DE (Deutsch/German): Sie können auch mit der Übersetzung dieser Website in verschiedene Sprachen zu helfen. Startseite/De
  • ES (Español/Spanish): También puedes ayudar traduciendo esta web a los distintos idiomas. Página principal/Es
  • FR (Français/French): Vous pouvez également aider à traduire ce site en différentes langues: Accueil/Fr
  • HU (Magyar/Hungarian): Ön is segíthet a fordítása ennek az oldalnak a különböző nyelveken: Kezdőlap/Hu
  • RU (Russian/Русский): Вы также можете помочь с переводом этого сайта на другие языки. Главная страница/Ru

Consult de Manual of Style before.

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