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It is advisable that all 32bit graphics are released in a standard format. This is to ensure compatibility between different kinds of OpenTTD installations, and ease of manual organising and file management, and automatic distribution.

You can download a template archive made by GeekToo at tt-forums.

Tar layout

A tar is supposed to have the following layout.

readme.txt              [author information, license, etc.]
sources/                [blend files, materials, photos, rendering instructions, etc.]
sprites/ogfx1_base/     [temperate sprites]
sprites/ogfxc_arctic/   [sub-arctic sprites]
sprites/ogfxh_tropical/ [sub-tropical sprites]
sprites/ogfxi_logos/    [FIXME]
sprites/ogfxt_toyland/  [toyland sprites]
sprites/openttdd        [FIXME: symlink to where?]
sprites/openttdw        [FIXME: symlink to where?]
sprites/trg1            [symlink to ogfx1_base]
sprites/trg1r           [symlink to ogfx1_base]
sprites/trgc            [symlink to ogfxc_arctic]
sprites/trgcr           [symlink to ogfxc_arctic]
sprites/trgh            [symlink to ogfxh_tropical]
sprites/trghr           [symlink to ogfxh_tropical]
sprites/trgi            [symlink to ogfxi_logos]
sprites/trgir           [symlink to ogfxi_logos]
sprites/trgt            [symlink to ogfxt_toyland]
sprites/trgtr           [symlink to ogfxt_toyland]

Sources can be omitted in packages aimed at players.

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