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Out of Date
This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
The method of loading 32bpp graphics changed in OpenTTD 1.2.0. The content on this page does not apply to OpenTTD 1.2.0 or newer.

It is advisable that all 32bit graphics are released in a standard format. This is to ensure compatibility between different kinds of OpenTTD installations, and ease of manual organising and file management, and automatic distribution.

You can download a template archive made by GeekToo at tt-forums. You can also look at an example release.

Tar layout

A tar is supposed to have the following layout.

readme.txt              [author information, license, etc.]
sources/                [blend files, materials, photos, rendering instructions, etc.]
sprites/ogfx1_base/     [main sprite set]
sprites/ogfxc_arctic/   [sub-arctic sprites]
sprites/ogfxh_tropical/ [sub-tropical sprites]
sprites/ogfxi_logos/    [logos & graphics]
sprites/ogfxt_toyland/  [toyland sprites]
sprites/trg1            [symlink to ogfx1_base]
sprites/trg1r           [symlink to ogfx1_base]
sprites/trgc            [symlink to ogfxc_arctic]
sprites/trgcr           [symlink to ogfxc_arctic]
sprites/trgh            [symlink to ogfxh_tropical]
sprites/trghr           [symlink to ogfxh_tropical]
sprites/trgi            [symlink to ogfxi_logos]
sprites/trgir           [symlink to ogfxi_logos]
sprites/trgt            [symlink to ogfxt_toyland]
sprites/trgtr           [symlink to ogfxt_toyland]

Sources will be omitted in packages aimed at players, but they are still needed to fulfil GPL rules.

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