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* Up/downgrade trunk version to revision of the patch (svn up -rXXXXX)
* Up/downgrade trunk version to revision of the patch (svn up -rXXXXX)
* Apply the patch and recompile
* Apply the patch and recompile
* Download the [http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/32bpp-extra/ 32bpp_extra.grf] and activate the it in game
* Download the [http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/32bpp-extra/ 32bpp_extra.grf] and activate it in the game

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32bpp Project
What is the Extra Zoom Project?

The '32bpp Extra Zoom Levels' is a community project, create to implement two more levels of zoom to OpenTTD on top of the the Original levels from TTD. The project also spearheads the inclusion of the 32bpp enhanced graphics to OpenTTD.

Note:32bpp Extra Zoom Levels are not part of the official development of OpenTTD.



The Extra Zoom Project adds the following features to the game:

  • Two extra zoom-in levels
  • Better zoom out graphics
  • scale2x upscale algorithm for 8bpp sprites
  • Modified railway fencing alignment
  • Transparency options give real transparency
  • 32bpp company colors
  • Bigger company manager faces
  • User modifiable brightness and saturation for company colors


Download, In order to play you first need to download three Game files, Data files and 32bpp graphic files.

  1. Game files - Download the latest version of the Extra Zoom game files here. Select the appropriate download for your operating system.
    For different platform see the Self Compiling Section below for instructions although as the binaries in the previous link are provided by the OpenTTD Compile Farm, it is unlikely you'll need this.
  2. Data files - If you don't have OpenGFX and OpenSFX or the original TTD files(like trg1r.grf), Then download both OpenGFX Download and OpenSFX Download. Otherwise you can skip to the next step (Don't forget you can use the in-game online content to update those files afterwards.
  3. 32bpp graphic files - Choose one of the nighly packs or individual TAR files from the List.
  4. 32bpp_extra.grf - download latest 32bpp_extra.grf file and put it to <game>\content_download\data folder.

Install, After downloading the required files, we can now begin with the installation process.

  1. Extract the Game files into a Game Folder folder of your choosing.
  2. Extract the OpenGFX and OpenSFX files, into the Game Folder\Data . (If you have any problems, check out the OpenGFX guide and/or the OpenSFX guide
  3. Put the 32bpp graphic files (TAR files) in the Game Folder\Data as well, no need to untar the tar files, zip files need to be unzipped though.
  4. Activate 32bpp_extra.grf file in NewGRF Settings menu.


Kirby paul tank32.jpg


  • Tar files don't load up in the game - problem fixed in version r18891, upgrade to the latest version.

Known bugs:

  • Smoke behaves incorrectly when zoomed out.
  • Minimap sometimes behaves incorrectly.
  • No sound when train tracks are built at full zoom.

Who is involved?

Artists, designers, coders etc... We'd like you to be involved, Join us in our effort on the 'Extra zoom project' by creating graphics, coding, compiling, organizing, editing here etc...
check out our Forum or the Graphics Development section here, for more information tutorials and general stuff to get you started.


See this page for information on Compiling OpenTTD

  • Download and apply the latest patch
  • Up/downgrade trunk version to revision of the patch (svn up -rXXXXX)
  • Apply the patch and recompile
  • Download the 32bpp_extra.grf and activate it in the game

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