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Hi my name is Santino. I am the son of Ma Elena Tabora the creator of this great prdcout line. It is true that many have tried to copy my mother's legacy but none have come close to imitating its taste and quality. The secret is kept safely in her heart, which she she gives fully to each prdcout that she creates. It makes me sad to say that this wonderful prdcout is rare and not available to everyone because she produces so little that she can only cater to family, friends, and a lucky few. One day I hope to continue this legacy and introduce it to the world so that many others can enjoy what we call a Modern Filipino Delicacy . For now you can find her and the Original Gourmet Tuyo in Bacolod, Neg. Occidental- the City of Smiles.. Perfect for Kalipayan which means Happiness ..

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