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While some people strongly advise keeping to these recommendations, they are by no means mandatory. Feel free to ignore some/all of them if you don't like them.

AI behavior recommendations

There are some recommendation for AI behavior. While you can ignore them and the AI would work, if you want your people to like your AI, you should stick to them.

  • Your AI should have setting to be more friendly, i.e. do not compete, or compete significantly less with other players for goods from industries serviced by other. For easy difficulty, the setting should be ON by default. Some people like competition, but not too much of a competition (novice players, for example, may be disappointed if they build some route and then AI outsmarts them and takes most of the cargo and profit by constructing better route nearby). Advanced players wanting fair competition can keep this OFF.
  • AI set as friendly should never buy exclusive transport rights anywhere.
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