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The user page is here: AI settings

Welcome to the AI Development. Starting from 0.7.0 release it is possible for any user to create his or her own AI. Not only do we deliver a clean and simple API, we also allow you to make your AI in scripts. This should make it possible for anyone with a bit of programming knowledge to make fairly good AIs. It should also challenge people to build better AIs than the ones we had in 0.6. This page is all about telling you how to do it.

For all pages there is a rule: where examples are given, we will use Squirrel. We suggest everyone who wants to write an AI to read the Introduction as it will explain the basic concept.



API Documentation



  • WrightAI - Builds plane routes only.
  • TestAI - A minimal main.nut and info.nut to base your AI from.

User AIs

To download user made AIs, please use the online content service or alternatively have a look at the NoAI forum.

Comparison of AIs

Feature availability







Game Scripts

If you want to get started with game scripts, there is now a special article about that: Game Script

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