Bakewell 300 Hovercraft

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|en=Bakewell 300 Hovercraft
|en=Bakewell 300 Hovercraft
|el=Hovercraft Bakewell 300
|es=Hovercraft Bakewell 300
|es=Hovercraft Bakewell 300
|fr=Aéroglisseur Bakewell 300
|fr=Aéroglisseur Bakewell 300

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[edit] Statistics

Bakewell 300 Hovercraft Bakewell 300 Hovercraft
Cost Speed Lifespan
£28,934 ($57,868) 112 km/h (70 mph) 25 years
Running Costs / year Designed Capacity
£3,117 ($6,234) 1968 100 Passengers

[edit] Description

The Bakewell 300 Hovercraft is a high speed hovercraft ferry designed to move between ports at a distance apart. Its high speed gives it an edge over its sea based brethren. Note: This "Hovercraft" is a sea hovercraft, and cannot traverse over land.

[edit] Real-life Equivalent

Fictional, inspired by the Mountbatten-class hovercraft. Like many aircraft, the ship is named for Richard Bakewell, who was part of Transport Tycoon Deluxe's Quality Assurance team. see Mountbatten Class Hovercraft

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