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Configure Patches Window: Construction Section

1. - The Configure patches window; Construction (0.5.0-RC4)

Allow building on slopes and coasts

(build_on_slopes) Normally you can only build tracks and roads on slopes parallel to the incline, with this patch you can build nearly everything on a slope because foundations will be built under it.

Allow removal of more town-owned roads, bridges, tunnels, etc

(extra_dynamite) The town’s attitude is more lenient towards you removing their property.

Allow building very long bridges

(longbridges) Allows you to build very long bridges much longer than before.

Show signals on drive side

(signal_side) Whether signals are shown on the side of the road vehicles drive on or the opposite.

Always allow small airports

(always_small_airport) Small airports are not removed from the airport list when large airports appear.

When dragging place signals every X tile(s)

(drag_signal_density) When using the "Autorail" style of dragging signals, you can set their density (place on every Xth tile) with this setting.

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