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<font size="3">'''Miscellaneous'''</font>
<font size="3">'''Miscellaneous'''</font>
* [ OpenTTD website]
:* [ OpenTTD website]
* [ OpenTTD forum]
:* [ OpenTTD forum]
* [ CIA Stats]
:* [ CIA Stats]
* [[Requested features]]
:* [[Requested features]]
* [[Rejected features|Rejected features]]
:* [[Rejected features|Rejected features]]
* [[Miscellaneous suggestions]]
:* [[Miscellaneous suggestions]]
* [[Language List]]
:* [[Language List]]

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OpenTTD Development Manual OpenTTD is an open source project, published under the GPL. You can view the sourcecode online or download the latest tree using SVN. If you modify the source you can submit a diff file with your changes to the Patch tracker.


Objectives - OpenTTD's long term objectives, these are mission statements that should help define the boundaries of OpenTTD development into the future.

Recent and Current Developments shows the developments in trunk since the last major release as well as the purpose of the branches in our SVN repository.

The latest changes to the OpenTTD SVN tree are on the service (RSS feed also avaible)



Development documentation

Help with coding

In the list below are some tips, and helpful tidbits to help you code/debug and get your patches to be accepted swiftly and without problems to the source

  • Coding guidelines - to keep a coherent feel of the code, we ask you to code your patches in the following style
  • Debugging
  • Strings - with the string system being not too userfriendly, this might help you on your way


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