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FIRS Industry Replacement Set
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Artist andythenorth and others
Coder andythenorth and others
Copyright GPL v2

FIRS Industry Replacement Set

FIRS is a newGRF providing new industries and cargos for OpenTTD. It introduces two new concepts; primary industries require regular deliveries of spare parts in order to grow, and secondary industries will increase their production whenever they get deliveries of two different cargos within the same month. If you ignore these changes, you are at a significant disadvantage compared to how you would perform in the standard game, but by catering properly for these two important differences you can grow your company more reliably under FIRS than you can under the standard rules.

FIRS also allows certain tertiary industries to be founded quite cheaply in-game. These are the store, the petrol pump and the builder's yard. These are generally town-based industries which accept food, goods, alcohol, petrol and building materials. By providing a reasonably cheap means to obtain acceptance for these items, a FIRS game becomes less dependent on the random growth of a town, where e.g. goods acceptance at a given location will sometimes stop without warning. In FIRS, stores and petrol pumps provide a stable delivery point for these items that will not disappear unexpectedly.

To get FIRS, download it using the in-game content service, or from the #openttdcoop site at the following URL:

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