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This page is not maintained. All relevant information concerning the base graphics replacement OpenGFX are found in its readme or at the DevZone


The history of OpenGFX here might be worth to be preserved and extended to reflect the development up to the current date

This is the main tracking table of the 8bpp Graphics Replacement Project. The ultimate aim of this project is to have a full replacement set of graphics, so that OpenTTD can be distributed freely without the need of the copyrighted graphics from the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe. The table below indicates what's done and what's being done. There is also a tracking table for advanced features for the new graphics. This page lists all missing graphics that will need to be drawn for a total graphics replacement and shows their status in the tables below. If you want to draw something then add your name to the appropriate section and change the status to Work in Progress, {{WIP}}. When you are finished, change the status to Done, {{Done}} and link to the graphics published at TT-Forums.

The latest progress can be followed in the Transport Tycoon Forums. This wiki article will generally be the most up to date status of the project. See the OpenGFX Readme on how to get the latest alpha release.



There are 6990 sprites to be replaced in the original TTD grf files.

  • Project started on December 13th 2007
  • As of January 11th 2008 2756 sprites have been released in form of NewGRF files. This constitutes almost 40% of original sprite count.
Key areas needing work are GUI, bridges, buildings and industries. Other infrastructure and the landscape are largely complete.
  • As of Febuary 14th 2008 approximately 400 more sprites have been released, bringing the total to around 3100. Major additions were made to the replacement of sprites from openttd.grf.
Key areas needing work are still GUI, bridges, buildings and industries. Vehicles are currently progressing steadily.
  • As of May 7th 2008 much more work has been done on graphics, although little has been coded. Town buildings and vehicles have been progressing steadily.
  • As of July 19th 2008 a heavy exam term seems to have taken its toll on the rate of contributions. Now summer is here hopefully things will pick up again! The latest big update is the new bridges (~300 sprites) which puts the project over the half way mark!
  • As of August 13th 2008 a the summer spirit has kicked in! Major contributions include a complete set of trains and carriages (thanks to DanMacK, Purno and Uzurpator), European tycoon faces (thanks to Ben_Robbins_), airport sprites (thanks to Skidd13), all boats (thanks to lead@inbox) and depots, company headquarters, several more industries and almost all the GUI (thanks to Zephyris). This puts the project at around the 3/4 mark with approximately 75% of trg1r complete and nearly 100% of trgcr.grf and trghr.grf complete.
Key areas for more work are town buildings and aeroplanes. Once the "conventional" climates are finished the focus will shift to toyland.
  • As of September 9th 2008 great progress has been made in the effort to code OpenGFX into its final format. Opengfxcr.grf and opengfxhr.grf (as replacements for trgcr.grf and trghr.grf) are 100% completed. Opengfx1r.grf is completed for nearly 90%. Work on opengfxw.grf (as replacement for openttdw.grf) has started.
The project is now completed for 74% of a total of 6992 sprites, or 89% of 5635 sprites if not counting toyland.
Key areas needing work on opengfx1r.grf are the remaining town buildings and monorail and maglev vehicles.
  • As of October 21st 2008 a new milestone has been reached: The first GPL'ed release of OpenGFX!
  • On January 3rd 2009 Alpha 4.0 has been released. This alpha version contains all toyland graphics done so far, putting the complete project at the 89% done mark.
  • On the May 25th 2009 OpenGFX has taken its new home inside a Mercurial repository provided by #openttdcoop.devzone. The project itself hasn't improved much: overall 90% done.
  • As of December 3rd 2009, after a slow summer, OpenGFX is rapidly approaching completion. ~130 sprites remain undrawn (the African manager faces, some toyland industries and a few other toyland odds-and-ends) and good progress is being made.
  • December 9th 2009, almost exactly two years after starting, all sprites now have an OpenGFX replacement. This doesn't mean the project is finished, many sprites need improvements (particularly making toyland more toy-like) but it does mean it is now possible to play OpenTTD with none of the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe graphics. The sister project, OpenSFX, also had the last sound effect replaced on this day - OpenTTD is finally truly open.


  • Alpha versions: These versions will be released every now and then until we have all graphics completely finished.
  • Beta versions: Fully functional versions which need to be bugtested extensively.
  • Release candidate: Final version ready for inclusion with OpenTTD.

List of reported bugs

The list of bugs has been moved to the Issue Tracker. Either report bugs there or post a message in the release topic. Thanks!

Contributer Guidelines


New art is being drawn in the style of the original game, using the original 8bpp palette. The graphics should be a similar but distinct version of the object in question - no graphics may be copied at all from the original. The new sprites do not have to be the same size as the original, but need to be similar so as to fit into the game as expected. Where possible glitches/bugs in the original graphics should be avoided, for example the original snow line transition was in steps, whereas the new graphics give a smooth transition.

  • Please note that the dimensions of a PCX file must be a multiple of four. Otherwise, GRFCodec will complain heavily, as will the coder.


This is a graphics replacement project, not an opportunity to code additional features into the game. Additional features for the game, such as more vehicles, new vehicle statistics, climate specific road markings etc. will have to be released as a separate GRF.

  • Certain graphics should not be available in some climates, please use an Action 07 to skip those graphics. Never use the value 00 for <num-sprites>, but count the sprites and set the correct value. This makes it easier to compile small GRFs together into larger releases.
  • If more than 254 (FE) sprites need to be skipped, you need set an Action 10 with label FF, and skip to that label in the Action 07 (thanks, DaleStan).
  • Never skip an Action 08 or other actions that will not be copied to the final GRF.

List of missing sprites

All sprites from the original base graphics now have an OpenGFX version, there are no missing sprites! Many sprites do, however, need improvement. Post any updates in the tt-forums thread.


Description Status Artist Comment Link
Snowy temperate trees Unclaimed - - -

Category based tracking table

The 'old tracking table' is deprecated and has been moved to this page for the main purpose of reference only.

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