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Эта статья переводится с английского языка на русский: Lev3 'Pegasus'.

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Lev3pegasus.png Lev3 'Pegasus'/Ru
Cost Speed Weight Power
£96,093 ($192,186) 480 km/h (300 mph) 130 t 15,000 hp (11,185 kW)
Running Costs / year Designed Lifespan Capacity
£3,571 ($7,142) 2035 20 years N/A


No description has been written for this train yet. If you know something about this train, feel free to edit this page and add it!

Real-life Equivalent

No Real-Life Equivalent has been found for this train. Perhaps in a few years, when MagLev has become a real technology, you could fill in a Third-Generation MagLev engine here.

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