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Welcome to the OpenTTD Wiki

Welcome to the OpenTTD Wiki, a user-edited manual and development guide for users and developers of the open source Transport Tycoon Deluxe clone. Feel free to edit or add any pages you feel are necessary, but please read the Manual of Style first...

User Manual

Check out the guide for newbies or if you're used to TTDPatch, try the guide for TTDPatch users. Don't forget the FAQs! If you're more used to OpenTTD, and just want to check it out, see the list of patches.


Feel free to start with the FAQs, and move on to current development! Or you just want to help us translate OpenTTD? If you would like to check the developement progress now, take a look at the roadmap.

GFX Development

This section is for graphics artists, NewGFX engine coders, and other graphics related developers, to help co-ordinate and communicate the GFX replacement, and development process.

The OpenTTD Community

If you want to learn more, help out with the wiki, or get help that this wiki cannot provide, feel free to check out any of the following links:

Helping with the Wiki

Feel free to start editing as soon as you feel you can, but please read the Manual of Style before editing, and make any testing of the wiki system in the Sandbox. Visit the village pump to make any discussions you wish about better organizing the wiki, or adding major new additions to the wiki, or start right in on requests posted in the article requests. You can help us improving the wiki pages: some articles need small changes to satisfy our needs, and list of these is in To do category. There are also articles that require more work to be finished, you can browse them in Expand category. Some articles concern current events and may be outdated often. Current events shows list of these

Manual of Style, Sandbox, Village Pump, Article Requests, Requests for Deletion, To do, Articles to be expanded, Current events

Getting Help

Do you need help? Then try the forums, the main source for development or help! Or you can leave the site by any one of a number of other links...

Forums, Links

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