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Answers to frequently asked questions and problems with replacement graphics in OpenTTD. For more information on NewGRF, including advanced options, see Newgrf.

How do I get different graphics into my OpenTTD? (installation)

OpenTTD uses special files called GRF (aka NewGRF) files to override the game's default graphics. These files can also be used to change the stats and behaviors of various objects in the game, including the speed of vehicles, the in-game sound effects, and the date in which vehicles are introduced, amongst many more examples.

The process by which you integrate these files into your game depends on which version of OpenTTD you are using.

The first step for all users is to copy the grf files of your choosing into the /data directory of your OpenTTD installation. After you've copied your files, you will need to know your OpenTTD version number to continue.

For OSX users the data folder is not the same data directory that is in the package contents (where you put the and other grf files), you will need to create a new folder called data in the same folder that contains openttd.cfg.

OpenTTD version 0.5.0 and later

  1. Start OpenTTD, then start a new game or load a saved game.
  2. In the Options menu, select NewGRF Settings.
  3. The NewGRF settings window will list all currently installed NewGRF files. To add additional files, click Add.
  4. A new window will open, listing all .grf files currently living in the /data/ directory. If you have forgotten to place a downloaded .grf into your /data/ directory, move the file into the directory, and then click Rescan files.
  5. Select the .grf files you wish to install, then click Add to selection.
  6. In the original NewGRF settings window, you can now Remove any grf files you don’t wish to use, or change the order in which your grf files are loaded (if two or more grf files have the same feature(s), the settings of later files take precedence over those listed earlier).
  7. When you are done, click Apply Changes.

OpenTTD versions prior to 0.5.0

  1. In the OpenTTD root directory, open the openttd.cfg file in notepad or other text editing application
  2. Go to the end of the file and enter the following:
    where “firstset.grf", etc., are the names of your grf files. Note that if two or more grf files have the same feature(s), the settings of later files take precedence over those listed earlier.
  3. Save the file, and start OpenTTD.

A .grf file I downloaded causes errors, or keeps OpenTTD from running altogether. Why?

Not all .grf files will work with OpenTTD, as NewGRF is, at this stage of development, only partially supported. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing ahead of time which .grf files will work with OpenTTD and which will not. The only way to tell is to install the .grf and begin playing.

I’ve loaded the grf files into OpenTTD and loaded my saved game, but none of the new vehicle graphics I loaded appear. How come?

Any new games you begin will automatically use your newly installed .grf files. Previously started games, however, require the following steps to include your new graphics:

  1. Open the OpenTTD console by hitting the ` key (key to the left of the "1" on most keyboards).
  2. Type in “resetengines"

Note that even after typing “resetengines", your pre-existing vehicles will still be of the old type. However, you should now be able to build the new types of vehicles from any of your depots.

Where can I find .GRF files for download?

Several sites have NewGRF files available for use in OpenTTD.

You should first visit the list of OpenTTD supported GRF files, which contains files confirmed to work within OpenTTD. After that, visit Links#Graphics_Links, or check out these sites:


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