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This is a compilation of features that were introduced in trunk after the 0.7 branch.

Major Features are features that have a noticable influence on gameplay if used. Smaller new features are listed under Minor Features.

Major Features

  • IPv6 support (r16000):
  • allow (per order) to let a train stop at the near end, middle or far end of a platform from the point of view of the driver of the train that enters the station (r16037)

Minor Features

  • allow train vehicles to be shorten to 1/8 length, even if not at the end of the train (r15793)
  • allow filtering of vehicle purchase lists by cargo (r16042)
  • allow sorting stations by the lowest cargo rating instead of only by the highest cargo rating (r16045)
  • make the first 4 rail building tools behave more like autorail (r16095)
  • give the town generator a slight tendency to build towns near water by not discarding watery random tiles but by searching for near land (r16147)
  • improve conditions for awarding subsidies, and don't bind them to the station they are awarded in (r17113)
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