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Welcome to the OpenTTD Sandbox. This page allows you to carry out experiments.
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  • Please do not place copyrighted, offensive or libelous content in the sandbox.
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  • Your questions can be posed at the village pump. Thanks!

Tere tulemast liivakasti... Welcome to sandbox... Bienvenidos al cajón de arena para juegos infantiles... Face-Grin-120px.png




Admins Only

This page was vandalized badly. If someone has information reguarding this page, please help to restore this page to its former glory, please.

New attempt

Any difference?

With three equal signs. Yes! No title underline.


With four equal signs


Test sandbox V1


With six equal signs


With seven equal signs


With eight equal signs


With nine equal signs

Two equal signs


Bjarnice testing graphviz

Moved from the page of the same name This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.

LordAzamath's vision of wagon template..


{{{Picture}}} Rail Monorail Maglev
Cost: {{{NormalCost}}} {{{MonoCost}}} {{{MagCost}}}
Weight: {{{NormalWeight}}} {{{MonoWeight}}} {{{MagWeight}}}
Capacity: {{{NormalCapacity}}} {{{MonoCapacity}}} {{{MagCapacity}}}


{{{Description}}} [[Category:Carriages]]

An example

Just exampling


Passengercarriagex.png Passengercarriage.png Passengercarriagetoyland.png Rail Monorail Maglev
Cost: £1000 ($2000) £1000 ($2000) £1000 ($2000)
Weight: 10t (11t) 10t (11t) 10t (11t)
Capacity: 20t 20t 20t


This wagon is just awesome..


The category is put into nowiki tags to not get Village Pump to Carriage category Face-Smiley-120px.png

Any comments? This also completes the todo for carriages template. Only picture tags have to be included in all wagons, all else is just reformatting. Similar thing should be made to trains too I think.. (to show their picture too.)


First test

В хащах японського очерету чвалає самурай Сімамура.

Second test

Go, trees go. The trees are growing. I will cover the ebniter map in trees if I have to. Stupisd town...

шаблон вандал


test of Trollebas

Unrelated Test

If you run Arch Linux, you can get the music working by installing Timidity and Freepats:

# pacman -S timidity++ timidity-freepats
# cp /etc/timidity++/timidity-freepats.cfg /etc/timidity++/timidity.cfg

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