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==General release information==
==General release information==
Release date: 14th September, 2004
Release date: 14th September, 2004

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General release information

Release date: 14th September, 2004

List of New Features

  • Feature: "None" as option for number of industries in difficulty settings
  • Feature: Add many random industries and towns in scenario editor
  • Feature: Added Autosignals, just like Autorail. Can copy signal style, convert signal<->semaphore, etc. Big thanks to betatesters Dribbel and Testman57 (Darkvater)
  • Feature: Added level land button to scenario editor (chrishuebsch)
  • Feature: Added never_expire_vehicles to patches GUI (Chris Huebsch)
  • Feature: Added new icons for landscaping toolbar (drawn by sign_de)
  • Feature: Added original vehicle names file. Select it from the list. Vehicles will have real name, all other strings are in English (orudge).
  • Feature: Added/heavily modified patch by truesatan cheat change date
  • Feature: Align toolbar left/center/right patch (TrueLight)
  • Feature: All TTDLX kind of savegames are supported (.SS1, .SV1, .SV2, .SV0, .SS0).
  • Feature: Alpha version of a new AI (TrueLight)
  • Feature: Autodetect server in LAN via udp (Sign)
  • Feature: Build_date of station (viewable with Query tool)
  • Feature: Cheat switch climate
  • Feature: Company HQ can now be moved somewhere else (cost 1% of company value). Water floods HQ.
  • Feature: Competitors menu under patches
  • Feature: Copy/share orders now works from ship depot window for ships and hangar window for aircraft
  • Feature: Difficulty settings window has been changed (Darkvater)
  • Feature: Enable/disable all buttons in message settings
  • Feature: Executeable is now openttd(.exe) always
  • Feature: General protection around Sprites
  • Feature: Ingame console (sign_de)
  • Feature: Invalid (void) orders in schedule are highlighted in red (Celestar)
  • Feature: Invisible trees when in transparent mode (patch entry)
  • Feature: Option to sort vehicles in vehicle-list window by different criteria.
  • Feature: Performance details window in company league menu (TrueLight)
  • Feature: Proper crediting to graphics artists to about box.
  • Feature: Removing town roads has been finetuned.
  • Feature: Safeguard against invalid values in Patches window. Values will stick to their defined min and max values
  • Feature: Sorting savegames, scenarios by name/date
  • Feature: Terraforming toolbar (in the plant tree menu)
  • Feature: The extra dynamite patch has been changed a bit.
  • Feature: Warning when a vehicle has invalid orders (celestar)
  • Feature: Water floods everything, including vehicles.
  • Feature: Working multiplayer gui (sign_de)
  • Feature: [ 976127 ] No extra frequent jet crash on small airports (truesatan)
  • Feature: [ 992998 ] Scrollto Station in Orders. CTRL click on orders of a vehicle and main-window scrolls to that station. (chrishuebsch)
  • Feature: [ 997115 ] Improved industry directory (hampzter)
  • Feature: [ 1003350 ] Euro introduction news item. (dominik81)
  • Feature: [ 1009708 ] Percent-based service intervals. Send a vehicle to depot after it has lost X% of its reliability (mivlad)
  • Feature: [ 1009710 ] Extra Viewport (Dribbel)
  • Feature: [ 1024044 ] Show max loan in finances window. (ledow)

List of Bugfixes

  • Fix: (Unix) loading old scenarios (.sv0) works again
  • Fix: 64bit CPU fixes
  • Fix: 64x64 stations are now nicely painted
  • Fix: A lot of network fixing (sign_de)
  • Fix: A lot of old AI fixed
  • Fix: All scenarios, savegames show up with their correct name
  • Fix: Automatic oil refinery generation in editor
  • Fix: Autosave folder was not created on MorphOS*Fix: Bridge slope fix again, thanks Truelight
  • Fix: Bulldozing stuff with cheat magic_dynamite turned on doesn't lower city ratings
  • Fix: Change SDL_HWSURFACE back to SDL_SWSURFACE (Diablo-3D); better performance
  • Fix: Coast line near edge of map and near oilrigs (Dribbel)
  • Fix: Company-value was not updated immediatly if legend was changed (vondel)
  • Fix: Delete canal under bridge wasn't possible
  • Fix: Disable Fast Forward in network games visually (didn't work anyways, just showed graphical output)
  • Fix: Error message for 'game load failed' when no town is in a scenario
  • Fix: Game not pausing when saveload dialog is clicked in main menu
  • Fix: Load Scenario fix
  • Fix: Make endianess check 100% accurate
  • Fix: Memory leak in news system (blathijs)
  • Fix: Monorail/maglev became available around 1927
  • Fix: Move around sort-widgets a bit so it looks more natural
  • Fix: Music now finally works on WinXP. DirectMusic is now default for an OS >= WinNT4 (WinNT4, Win2k, WinXP), and MIDI driver for lower OS's (Win95, Win98, WinME, etc).
  • Fix: Old scenarios have correct colour
  • Fix: Placing/editing signs signs is possible in paused mode
  • Fix: Player window fixes, Getstring id0 fixes, Finances window is now ok
  • Fix: Playing new game with scenarios in windows works
  • Fix: Possible to disable some patches (e.g. default service interval) again by setting them to 0
  • Fix: Problems around exclusive transport rights (Celestar)
  • Fix: Railroad crossings on slopes are now possible
  • Fix: Random crash when player-face was displayed in error-dialog
  • Fix: Rare mousewheel scrolling with scrollbar crash
  • Fix: Road vehicles don't get stuck any more at stations (Truelight + Celestar)
  • Fix: Savegames are sorted with newest date first by default
  • Fix: Scenario editor now asks before it generates a random landscape
  • Fix: Slopes graphics fix (dominik)
  • Fix: Small gap between station button and signal button in rail toolbar
  • Fix: Some minor fixes around GetTileTrackStatus (blathijs)
  • Fix: Sorter icon pointing down 'v' sorts in every window lowest value first, '^' highest value first
  • Fix: Starting a new game in DesertLandscape crashed the game
  • Fix: Stupid bug in company league window if non-player is first
  • Fix: Two non-AI players when loading a scenario
  • Fix: Unix uses same sorting of directories, files as windows
  • Fix: When adding parts to a statin max size is not 15x15 anymore, but _patches.station_spread
  • Fix: Win98 crashes related to music/sound (orudge)
  • Fix: Wrong building of road-slopes for a future AI/Town
  • Fix: Wrong pathfinding when northern station tile is missing (blathijs)
  • Fix: You cannot take ownership of an oilrig by building right next to it
  • Fix: [Makefile] Fixed issue where sdl-config was needed even on systems without SDL
  • Fix: [SDL] Performance fix fo palette animation and mouse jumping (jirif)
  • Fix: [SDL] Same resolution was displayed more than once in game options
  • Fix: [SDL] Smoother mouse and performance fix, like in Win32 (jirif)
  • Fix: [ 963056 ] Wrong trains you can buy with scenarios
  • Fix: [ 972087 ] Minimap crash
  • Fix: [ 972247 ] Bug in '[a] weird non-uniform stations handling' (blathijs)
  • Fix: [ 976583 ] Parent_list was too small
  • Fix: [ 981934 ] Memoryleak in parent_list
  • Fix: [ 982666 ] Max_loan in editor bug (TrueLight)
  • Fix: [ 987888 ] Bridge building over boats
  • Fix: [ 990770 ] Cargo delivery area patch for bug #989322. (Celstar)
  • Fix: [ 992726 ] No tunnel crash (Celestar)
  • Fix: [ 993339 ] Light House Placement Bug
  • Fix: [ 993374 ] Pressing alt locks the game *sort of a bug.
  • Fix: [ 993493 ] Buildings on water
  • Fix: [ 993512 ] No canal building under bridge
  • Fix: [ 993829 ] UDP Fixes (lucaspiller)
  • Fix: [ 994067 ] Train drivers dies two times (follow)
  • Fix: [ 994720 ] Road depot *bus/lorry station (Truelight+Darkvater P )
  • Fix: [ 996025 ] _local_player fixes. Fixes wrong memory access (TrueLight)
  • Fix: [ 996065 ] Bridge Bug fixed bug fixed again (Darkvater)
  • Fix: [ 996065 ] Weird two tile bridges on slopes
  • Fix: [ 997303 ] Empty strings in signs
  • Fix: [ 997703 ] Junction after tunnel bug (blathijs)
  • Fix: [ 999592 ] "autosave" directoy creation (MorphOS/AmigaOS) (Tokai)
  • Fix: [ 1001540 ] I lost all wagons. Half-assed fix for lost wagons. But now users can at least fix this problem. Consolecommand "resetengines"
  • Fix: [ 1006530 ] BuildRoadOutsideStation fix.
  • Fix: [ 1006715 ] Autorenew issues
  • Fix: [ 1007272 ] Copy orders between bus/truck possible. (Celestar)
  • Fix: [ 1007630 ] Scenario editor pause bug
  • Fix: [ 1008605 ] Signals not updated after ClearTunnel Bug [ 985920 ] (TrueLight)
  • Fix: [ 1009385 ] Too many save games prevented loading
  • Fix: [ 1009567 ] problem with transferred cargo crashes game.
  • Fix: [ 1009621 ] build in pause is now a cheat instead of a patch (truesatan)
  • Fix: [ 1009631 ] Wrong multihead selling (Bodewes)
  • Fix: [ 1010833 ] Turning on the magic bulldozer removes oil rigs
  • Fix: [ 1012086 ] Drunk pilot (Celestar)
  • Fix: [ 1014278 ] TileAddWrap() gave wrong results.
  • Fix: [ 1016954 ] Cached_sprites does now work again
  • Fix: [ 1022689 ] Bug when dragging a part of a multiheaded engine to 'sell-whole-train'.
  • Fix: [ 1023971 ] Fix for MouseWheel assert error in non-zoomable viewports. Zooming now will only occur if mousepointer is either in an extra viewport window, or main game-window (Dribbel)
  • Fix: [ 1025836 ] Company value problem (again). Now company value rightly shows the value, including ALL your money.
  • Fix: [ 1025836 ] Company values bigger dan int32 were put to negative
  • Fix: [ 1025836 ] Long bridges had negative value
  • Fix: [ 1026271 ] Vehicle depots not transparent with transparent buildings.

List of Various Changes

  • Add: Dutch translation
  • Add: Generalised A* Algorithm
  • Add: Generalised queues (Fifo, Stack, InsSort, BinaryHeap)
  • Change: Changed 'terraforming' to 'landscaping'
  • Change: Changed default options (road side, distance units, currency) to most commonly used options
  • Change: Disable 'Submit Report' and 'Show Details' on OpenTTD error window on Windows. Currently of no use, since no devs have assembly knowledge
  • Change: Removed patch no_train_service. Instead you can set the default service interval for any vehicle type to 'disabled'.
  • Codechange: Comments added to the code (blathijs)
  • Codechange: Made bridge building code more readable [ 996244 ] (follow)
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