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You can get this release from [].
You can get this release from [].
==Major new features==
==Major new features==

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OpenTTD 0.4.5 | OpenTTD 0.4.6 | OpenTTD 0.4.7

This version was released on 2006-03-22.

You can get this release from


Major new features

  • Bugfixes

List of Bugfixes

0.4.6 (2006-03-22)

  • Codechange: [Windows] Show the revision in crash.txt and enable the button to show the crash text in the crash-window (r3965)
  • Codechange: Add additional linker information to release builds to help figure out crashes more easily (r3526)
  • Fix: [OSX] Cannot save game if name contains german umlauts (loading savegames with certain chars still look odd) [SF#1157244] (r4038)
  • Fix: [OSX] Major speedup for PPC fullscreen (r4034)
  • Fix: [Makefile] Make sure the ICON_DIR gets created before copying files there (r4032)
  • Fix: [Windows] Change compiler settings to use the multithreaded CRT. This prevents certain crashes on multi-threaded machines (r4031)
  • Fix: [NPF] Road vehicles planning through the back of depots and stations [SF#1453646] (r4029)
  • Fix: Use the title of a savegame in the saveload dialog-editbox (r4018)
  • Fix: Improper resolution written to the configuration file when exiting from fullscreen (r4017)
  • Fix: When removing rail track from a tile where only X and Y pieces exist, explicitly update signals in both directions (r4016)
  • Fix: Default the patch-setting 'pause_on_join' to true (r4015)
  • Fix: Slope and height information returned for some tile types is wrong (r4014)
  • Fix: Fixes a bug introduced by r3228 which allowed steep rail tiles resulting in ... unwanted effects such as display artifacts (r4012)
  • Fix: Update french translation (r3978)
  • Fix: Missing glyph(s) in big-font. Added several missing glyphs for the big font FS#56 (r3970)
  • Fix: Increase client list window width so at least most languages fit [SF#1439907] (r3969)
  • Fix: Update german and finnish languages (r3968)
  • Fix: Properly set back the owner of a crossing/road-under bridge after removing it (r3967)
  • Fix: [Autoreplace] Autoreplacing trains now keep their tile length instead of their pixel length FS#67 (r3964)
  • Fix: Mark the right tile as dirty. It's just a graphical glitch which happend in r1592 (r3962)
  • Fix: Fix crash when resizing news history window (r3961)
  • Fix: Correctly implement minimum search, so road vehicles head twoards the closest station, not the last one in the list (r3960)
  • Fix: The tooltips for raising and lowering land buttons in the scenario editor are interchanged FS#61 (r3959)
  • Fix: Correctly restore the roadside after roadworks are finished (r3957)
  • Fix: [Multistop] Check the status of the destination road stop instead of a station's first road stop. This only has effect with road vehicle queuing disabled (r3956)
  • Fix: Validate the setting of max_companies/spectators through the console (r3955)
  • Fix: Improve game-load times (r3954)
  • Fix: On loading a game, GetPlayerRailtypes() did not account for the fact that vehicles are introduced a year after their introduction date. This will also relieve possible (rare) network desyncs (r3952)
  • Fix: Restore plural forms of cargo types for several languages (r3951)
  • Fix: [Windows] Add directives to allow Visual Studio 2005 compilation (r3950)
  • Fix: Crash in string code with openbsd/zaurus; alignment issues [SF#1415782] (r3948)
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