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This version was released on 2006-08-16.

You can get this release from


Major new features

  • Turkish and Italian town names.
  • A 'configure' script for compiling.
  • Bugfixes.


0.4.8 (2006-08-12)

  • Fix: A ship in a depot must be stopped before it can be cloned
  • Fix: After changing directory in 'Play Scenario', the default scenarios did not show up in 'New Game'

0.4.8-RC2 (2006-07-31)

  • Feature: Add Italian town names as we have an official Italian translation
  • Codechange: Verify the presence of music files in the gm/ folder. This should also solve some 100% CPU buildup for some users
  • Fix: Certain combinations of trains crash when moved around inside the depot
  • Fix: Reversed arrow-sign in the multiplayer list column headers on sort by name
  • Fix: Industry production change button does not work for oilrig passangers
  • Fix: Helicopters stopping in depot after autorenew/autoreplace
  • Fix: MorphOS crashes when you go a level up in the root level
  • Fix: UDP sockets were used even if network-availability was set to false
  • Fix: Crash when trying to build a vehicle type that is set to a max of zero

0.4.8-RC1 (2006-06-28)

  • Feature: Add Turkish town names as we have an official Turkish translation
  • Feature: Add a fully optional configure script that is a wrapper around the cumbersome makefile.config
  • Codechange: [NPF] Disable NPF totally for ships as it wholly kills performance. Only for 0.4/ branch and 0.4.8
  • Fix: Redraw the screen when switching the signal side in the patches window
  • Fix: It was possible to dig into a tunnel if certain rail combinations were ontop of it
  • Fix: A HQ could only be flooded at its northern tile, the other 3 were immune to water
  • Fix: Fix several glitches concerning foundations. Houses, property (rail/road/bridge/etc.) and cursor are now aligned properly
  • Fix: Prohibit altering a road tile while road works are in progress. This fixes some glitches like 'turning' the excavation by adding/removing road bits or removing the road piece
  • Fix: Only advertise the server to your external IP/network (eg not to and use proper broadcast addresses
  • Fix: '-f' switch is not valid on windows, so do not show it in help
  • Fix: [Autoreplace] Autoreplaced trains can leave all wagons in depot under certain circumstances
  • Fix: The wrong IP could get unbanned, e.g. 'unban' could result in unbanning
  • Fix: It was possible to convert the railtype of a bridge while a train was on it
  • Fix: It was possible to rename signs or waypoints with the chat box
  • Fix: Be more strict what it means for an aircraft to be in a hangar: It's not just being stopped on a hangar tile
  • Fix: If a road vehicle is on a road depot tile and stopped does not mean it's in the depot. Use the proper test for this
  • Fix: [AI] The AI should send a plane into a hangar if it's not in a hangar _or_ not stopped, not when it's not in a hangar _and_ not stopped
  • Fix: [AI] The trolly AI used information from the wrong industry when calculating the amount of to be transported goods
  • Fix: [NTP] Fix NTP over bridges: do not check the rail type when on a bridge
  • Fix: Truncate text in dropdown lists to stop text overflowing
  • Fix: 'Erroneous train reversal on waypoints'. When processing the next train order, do not even consider reversing the train if the last order was to a waypoint
  • Fix: Starting a new scenario did not adhere to local difficulty settings but took it from the scenario itself. That mode is for 'play scenario'
  • Fix: Vehicles on a sloped tile under a bridge were affected by the bridge speed limit
  • Fix: Issue with train pathfinding over level crossings
  • Fix: [AI] The AI no longer attempts to build signals under bridges
  • Fix: Refresh build vehicle window (if opened) when converting rail depot
  • Fix: Crash when sorting an empty server list
  • Fix: The build-tree window button defaulted to a place-push-button on opening where no treetype is selected
  • Fix: Game crashes when cloning/autoreplace reaches train-limit
  • Fix: [NTP] Properly check for railtypes on non-plain-rail-tiles
  • Fix: Trains could enter certain sloped rail tiles under bridges with incompatible rail type
  • Fix: Ensure the map memory is cleared after it is allocated. This fixes random deserts that sometimes occurred
  • Fix: Some weird behaviour with tile selection near bridges
  • Fix: Do not allow PF to enter train depot from the back (signal updates)
  • Fix: Game no longer crashes when the last vehicle servicing a station has been deleted
  • Fix: Reset the last built railtype when starting a new game
  • Fix: Cloned vehicles get the same service interval as the original vehicle
  • Fix: Game no longer errors out when 'Many random towns' is selected in the scenario editor
  • Fix: Obscure road dragging bug. The road build command did not return the appropiate error message of invalid-slope when building road
  • Fix: Temperate bank will no longer appear (during game) in tropic landscape. This bug is from the original game
  • Fix: Specify the 'stopall' console command as a debug command
  • Fix: Fixed a problem that caused DeliverGoodsToIndustry to not work as intended
  • Fix: Ships and aircraft can now be used as feeders as well
  • Fix: When a multiheaded train is sold the pointers were not updated correctly causing sporadious crashes/disconnects
  • Fix: New plantations now cause the correct '.. being planted ..' news item
  • Fix: Danish town names were saved/loaded as Swiss
  • Fix: Removing roads on crossings was done without a check for ownership
  • Fix: [Autoreplace] Fix drawing of train list for outdated engines
  • Fix: Malicious clients/servers could crash the game [CVE-2006-1999, CVE-2006-1998]
  • Fix: [Autoreplace] Allow replacement of wagons even when the engine fails to be replaced
  • Fix: Certain operations involving trains inside a depot could cause a crash
  • Fix: [Autoreplace] Cost for refitting a new vehicle is added to the cost animation (player always paid for it, it just was not shown)
  • Fix: [OSX] Save/Load issues solved for OSX 10.3.9 universal binaries
  • Fix: Illegal servers in the master-server list could kick the client back to the main menu, effectively making Multiplayer impossible
  • Fix: [NPF] Do not mark tiles when debugging in multiplayer, this will cause desyncs
  • Fix: Several fixes to chatbox code, mainly plug a buffer overflow

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