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==See also==
==See also==
[[New Features Since 0.4.8]]
[[New Features Since 0.4.8]]
[[New Features Since 0.5.0]]
==Forum links==
==Forum links==

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OpenTTD 0.5.0 was given release candidate status on the 21st of December 2006 (UTC) and a stable version was finally released on 27th February 2007.


General release information

  • RC1 Release, 21st December 2006
  • RC2 Release, 31st December 2006
  • RC3 Release, 8th January 2007
  • RC4 Release, 18th January 2007
  • RC5 Release, 8th February 2007
  • Final Release, 27th February 2007

You can get releases from SourceForge and you can also get the sources from svn://

New Features

  • General fixes and improvements to TTDPatch's newgrf format, most noticable are newstations, newsounds, more callbacks and I18n
  • Feature: Show NewGRF compatability of network games; green for full compatibility, yellow for missing newgrfs and red for invalid revision (r7505)
  • Feature: Load a list of NewGRFs from the config (in the [newgrf-static] section) that should always be loaded (r7490)
  • Feature: Double the length of the cargo and rating indicators in the station list window for better visibility (r7466)
  • Feature: NewGRF set up window and browser which allows modification and viewing of NewGRF settings ingame or the main menu (r7357)
  • Feature: Support for saving NewGRF settings with savegames (r7348)
  • Feature: Add support for gradual (un)loading of vehicles (r7326)
  • Feature: Add freight trains patch option which is a multiplier for the weight of cargo on freight trains, to simulate longer heavier trains (r7269)
  • Feature: UNICODE/UTF8 support, with (optional) usage of fonts rendered by Freetype instead of sprites. This means full unicode support (input, rendering, file/io) and greatly enhanced internationalization for non-latin languages (utf8) (r7182)
  • Feature: Add Slovak, Brazil and Slovenian currency [SF 1243657, 1171147; FS#131] (r7160, r5964)
  • Feature: Allow towns to be built on top of trees in the scenario editor [FS#396] (r7152)
  • Feature: Allow over-building of compatible railtypes, i.e. normal and electrified rail. If building electrified rail, normal rail is upgraded for you (at a cost) (r7106)
  • Feature: Additional positioning for long dropdown lists with scrollbar support if dropdown list wouldn't fit (r7086)
  • Feature: [win32] Remember the window size between restarts when quit in fullscreen mode (r7061)
  • Feature: Increase the chatbuffer of chat messages, messages longer than the graphical box will be wrapped to a new line (r6956)
  • Feature: Allow typing longer text than visible for an editbox; it will scroll properly now (r6954)
  • Feature: Allow spectators to team-speak to eachother (r6933)
  • Feature: Allow for " to be in console tokens. Escape them with \. eg \" (r6875)
  • Feature: Change the functionality of the chat window. SHIFT+ENTER (SHIFT+T) sends a message to all players, CTRL+ENTER (CTRL+T) sends a message to all team mates and ENTER (T) is customizable (r6824)
  • Feature: (Train is) lost message is now generated immediately when pathfinder can't find the path (r6800)
  • Feature: Add a measurement tool that will show dimensions and height differences of various draggable tools (r6758)
  • Feature: Added sort options to the build aircraft and train windows (r6708)
  • Feature: Depot lists are now sorted, so vehicle 1 is always first and so on (r6652)
  • Feature: Ability to pause a server if not enough players are connected. The setting for this is 'min_players' (r6628)
  • Feature: Ability for servers to execute a script just after a client has connected, e.g. for a MOTD, etc (r6625)
  • Feature: Add refit commands to vehicle orders (can only be done in goto depot orders) (r6624)
  • Feature: Support cargo subtypes in the refit window. The refit window has been altered to support resizing and scrolling (r6601)
  • Feature: Depot and vehicle list windows reworked a bit with more buttons to include 'Autoreplace all' (instantly), 'Sell all', 'Start all' and 'Stop all' (r6542, r6552, r6515)
  • Feature: Using goto depot with a different control selection will now alter the service/stopping in depot flag instead of cancelling the goto depot order (r6295)
  • Feature: When automatically detecting the language try to first match language+territory (e.g. de_CH), then just language (e.g. de) and fall back to en_GB otherwise (r6290)
  • Feature: Add a "goto depot" button to various vehicle list windows (r6229, r6246)
  • Feature: Save max_companies/clients/spectators in the config file (r6170)
  • Feature: Vehicle status bar will show the heading string in different colours to visually discern the difference between a service and a forced stop (r6165, r6414)
  • Feature: Control clicking Goto Depot will now make the vehicle service instead of stop in depot (r6165)
  • Feature: List of vehicles with the same shared orders, accessible from the orders-window of a given vehicle (r6161)
  • Feature: Added -s (source) and -d (destination) to strgen to specify paths for input and output files (r6089)
  • Feature: After removing a farm, its farmland is removed too (over time) [FS#82]
  • Feature: Clicking twice on the location button in the smallmap centers to your position, clicking twice centres your viewport [FS#54] (r6040)
  • Feature: Change the original date format to a 32 bits format based at the year 0. Highest date is the year 5.000.000AC (r5999)
  • Feature: Auto-completion in chat-window. It completes Player and Town names (in that order) using <tab> (r5968)
  • Feature: Catalan Town Names generator [FS#261] (r5965)
  • Feature: Possibility to generate scenarios by importing heightmaps. It can be in PNG or BMP format
  • Feature: New (optional) landscape generator based on TerraGenesis Perlin noise with GUI, progress bar and fine-tuning options (r5946)
  • Feature: Filter for textboxes to only allow input of certain patterns (like numbers only) (r5944)
  • Feature: [win32] Remember the maximized state of the game window and restore on start [FS#234] (r5874)
  • Feature: Add an icon to the SDL openttd executable (r5872)
  • Feature: Also allow horizontal and vertical rails on steep slopes (r5864)
  • Feature: Allow building of (certain) rails, roads and bridge ramps on steep sloped tiles (r5833)
  • Feature: Replacing from a train engine without cargo capacity to one with cargo capacity will now make autoreplace refit the engine to carry the cargo type from the last wagon in the train (r5465)
  • Feature: [OSX] Macs with touchpads that support two finger scrolling can now use this feature to move around the map (r5460)
  • Feature: Allow building canals at sea-level, using ctrl to toggle canal or plain water tile. This allows building of non-raisable sea-level water ways (useful in multiplayer) and dikes for low-level areas (r5403)
  • Feature: Add 4 new airports. 2 for aircraft, 2 for helicopters (r5346)
  • Feature: Implement smooth horizontal depot and, vehicle list scrolling for trains (r5046)
  • Feature: Add new pathfinder, YAPF. Has greatly improved performance and better, fully configurable, pathfinding (yapf) (r4987)
  • Feature: Add a new console command "players" that lists current players along with basic stats [FS#150] (r4828)
  • Feature: Station List View can now be sorted and filtered (by waiting cargo type and facilities) (r4822)
  • Feature: The integer-list parser now accepts a space character as an item seperator next to the comma for openttd.cfg (r4490)
  • Feature: Add support for electric railways as a seperate tracktype. Electric trains will not run on non-electrfied track unless otherwise controlled by patch option (elrails) (r4150)
  • Feature: A new multi-lingual multi-measuring-unit system (r4126)
  • Feature: Add proper OPENTTD <> LOCALCODE conversion using iconv. Savegames with special characters will be legible in filesystem (r4105)
  • Feature: Undraw the mouse when it leaves the window and draw it again when it enters (r4075, r4083)
  • Feature: It is now possible to turn a single unit in a train (CTRL+Click on unit in depot) (r3944)
  • Feature: Delete news items about vehicles when they get stale (r3757)
  • Feature: Save patch settings with the savegame so you are presented with the same behaviour when loading the game on another machine/installment (r3726)
  • Feature: Add 2cc (two company colours) livery schemes. This replaces the original colour selection window (r3717, r6455)
  • Feature: [OSX] Added support for tripple binaries (binaries optimised for G3, G5 and i686) (r3674)
  • Feature: Allow autoreplacing of train wagons (r3535)
  • Feature: Allow sorting of vehicle lists by model or value (r3528)
  • Feature: Allow trains details view to be resized (r3521)

List of Bugfixes

  • Codechange: Allow standard ini-file style comments (Wink (r6972)
  • Codechange: Send server messages with format NETWORK_ACTION_SERVER_MESSAGE so it is general colour like the rest of the server messages. Spectators speak in grey (r6932)
  • Codechange: Change textmessage format a bit. Only the sender's name and target are in the sender's colour, the actual message is in white. Should improve readability (r6932)
  • Codechange: Add an MD5 sum check of our own data files, and warn if they don't match (r6921)
  • Codechange: Add strict bounds checking in string formatting system to check for possible buffer overflows (r6884)
  • Codechange: Have the dropdown menus fall fully inside the top toolbar (r6745)
  • Codechange: Determine the length of the main toolbar dropdown list based on the length of the strings in that list (r6744)
  • Codechange: When vehicles never expire they will stay at peak reliability instead of the lowest to make them useful even when old (r6681)
  • Codechange: Show more correct capacity of articulated wagons in the train purchase list (r6650)
  • Codechange: When showing tooltips, properly position the tooltip taking into account window dimensions and cursor (r6405)
  • Codechange: Speed up the animated cursors a bit so they move once in a while at least (r6367)
  • Codechange: Remove the "unsorted" vehicle sorter, because it's plain useless (r6270)
  • Codechange: Remove MSVC6 support. The compiler was too stupid and too many workarounds were needed. Please switch to mingw or VC2005++ express (r5286)
  • Codechange: Allow a switch in Makefile.config to disable threads in OpenTTD (r5978)
  • Codechange: [win32] Add native x64 target to VS2005 project files (r5813)
  • Codechange: [win32]The exception dialog showed the last modification-date of win32.c instead of the last compilation-date (r5801)
  • Codechange: Add owner attribute to canals and locks. This makes them more useful in multiplayer games, as only the owner can delete them. Does not affect usage (r5084)
  • Codechange: [OSX] Shark (Xcode's profiling tool) can now relate CPU usage to lines (r3611)
  • Codechange: Rewrite the multistop slot assignment system. More resource-friendly, several slot-assignment improvements (r3730, r4259)
  • Codechange: Completely remove the deprecated -p parameter (is superseded by -n) (r3508)
  • Fix: Town ratings were not reset when a company went bankrupt (r7433)
  • Fix: With realistic acceleration, guarantee a minimum braking force is applied. This ensures trains will stop when going down hill (r7425)
  • Fix: Changed "kick off" acceleration resulted in only a small amount of power being applied; this resulted in a perceived delay before trains moved. (r7421)
  • Fix: Long delay for message windows to appear. Immediately show a new message if present if no news window is open, or has just been closed instead of waiting for the timer of the current news to time out [FS*255] (r7402)
  • Fix: Deleting Train in depot with autoreplace fails [FS*418] (r7385)
  • Fix: Don't update vehicle images when turning a train around. During this procedure the train is split into parts which can result in incorrect images being used (r7378)
  • Fix: OpenTTD could crash under certain circumstances when a vehicle as autoreplaced and a news window was open [FS*332] (r7368)
  • Fix: Segmentation fault in the SDL video driver when one goes to fullscreen and there are no suitable resolutions (r7332)
  • Fix: When loading a game from a dedicated server the local player set to 0, theoretically enabling the dedicated server to also play (r7312)
  • Fix: TTDPatch vars are little endian (r7282)
  • Fix: Always display the excavation of roadworks even when fully zoomed out or "full details" are off (r7240)
  • Fix: Window allocation and deletion messed with the actual window pointer, possibly crashing OpenTTD [FS*350, SF*1560913] (r7205)
  • Fix: Callback not executed for non-player based patch changes in multiplayer for all clients; possible desync issue (r7190)
  • Fix: Station sign (and base station coordinates) didn't move along with station when station moved by walking. [FS*388] (r7169)
  • Fix: MiniMap was misplacing vehicles sometimes [FS*402] (r7166)
  • Fix: Some mouse events possibly lost under high CPU load, handle mouse input right away instead of waiting for GameLoop. [FS*221, SF1168820] (r7157)
  • Fix: Some keyboard events possibly lost under high CPU load, handle keyboard input in place instead of global variables magic. [FS*279] (r7153)
  • Fix: "Position of Main Toolbar" option isn't honored when starting new game or loading saved [FS*172] (r7130)
  • Fix: Synchronize the engine-renew settings of a player when joining a multiplayer game (r7126)
  • Fix: Several errors/glitches related to multiplayer and bankrupcy (mainly server), and non-updated company-information (r7125)
  • Fix: Cloning a vehicle that has been refitted would incur the expense as running costs, not new vehicles [FS*371] (r7115)
  • Fix: Do not let ships enter partial water tiles under bridges; they will travel up land... (r7110)
  • Fix: AI tried to build road from the back or side of road stop/depot (r7069)
  • Fix: Zooming out near map-borders would previously fail because the new centre would be outside the map [FS*317] (r7047)
  • Fix: 'Goto' button in orders window got depressed along with all other buttons when an existing order was modified [FS*311] (r7046)
  • Fix: Scenario bridges/tunnels cannot be demolished [FS*200] (r7028)
  • Fix: Pressing F1 in scenario editor did not work (r7023)
  • Fix: Properly guard against viewing company-sensitive information from invalid players (eg spectators) which could lead to crashes [FS*292] (r7022)
  • Fix: In the replace vehicle window, the left vehicle list was not drawn when an engine was not selected (r7009)
  • Fix: Crash at game end when server company is bankrupt [FS*369] (r7008)
  • Fix: List of actions panel in the town authority window went underneath its scrollbar (r6885)
  • Fix: Pressing ^D (EOF) at a dedicated console caused it to repeat the last command, instead of doing nothing (r6835)
  • Fix: Don't add up running cost of articulated engine parts (r6765)
  • Fix: If a rail is not available, don't show toolbar even with hotkey 'A' (r6740)
  • Fix: Only apply the virtual transfer profit if the order is a transfer order, rather than to any unload order (r6738)
  • Fix: Disable main toolbar buttons showing company list drop downs when there are no companies [FS*356] (r6695)
  • Fix: Autoreplace can now use the money for selling the old vehicle to build the new one (r6640)
  • Fix: A loop-hole that allowed docks to be built regardless of town authority rating (r6477)
  • Fix: [win32] The dedicated server could overwrite the keyboard input buffer before it was handled by OpenTTD (r6449)
  • Fix: Reset the location of the last sound as that location can be outside the map when you are loading another, (smaller) map (r6437)
  • Fix: Show an error message when executing 'scrollto x' with x < 0 or >= MapSize() instead of asserting later on [FS*340] (r6435)
  • Fix: Station catchment area persists after switching tools [FS*136] (r6368)
  • Fix: Do not reset the current cursor action when centering on a depot/hangar (r6360)
  • Fix: Go to hangar orders for aircraft could get spuriously removed when a road or rail depot got deleted (r6355)
  • Fix: Due to some off-by-one errors the width or height of a clipping rectangle could become 0, which isn't sensible. This should fix a very rare and hard to trigger assertion in GfxFillRect() (r6351)
  • Fix: Never allow scrolling the map in the main menu (scroll-settings weren't reset if switched to mainmenu) (r6037)
  • Fix: Never set I-am-a-thread bool to true IN the thread, dual-core machines could flip [FS*78] (r5977)
  • Fix: Town-growth removed houses under construction to make way for road; unwanted behaviour [FS*49] (r5970)
  • Fix: Cloned road vehicles are not refitted to correct cargo [FS*275] (r5917)
  • Fix: Bugfix for errors in FindNearestHangar function in aircraft_cmd.c [FS*235] (r5914)
  • Fix: Sort order for produced amount and transported percentage was reversed in the industry list (r5912)
  • Fix: Changing patch settings through the console didn't accept on/off or true/false [FS*170] (r5903)
  • Fix: Differing price calculation for tunnels depending on starting point [FS*253] (r5901)
  • Fix: Goto depot not always working for road vehicles [FS*249] (r5898)
  • Fix: Bus trying to service in depot of other company [SF1519167] (r5897)
  • Fix: If vehicles break down and service is turned off, the vehicles failed to enter any depots; now they will quickly go to a depot if set to be replaced (r5888)
  • Fix: Incomplete removal of player owned property due to lack of money [FS*273] (r5886)
  • Fix: < > boxes in patch-settings didn't grey out when they hit the limit of their range (r5714)
  • Fix: Check the configuration file for valid values and clamp them to their ingame minimum/maximum [SF1288024] (r3726)
  • Fix: Remove the restriction that the 'patch' console command can only be run from network games [SF1366446] (r3723)

Changes in RC2 since RC1

General Removed support for OSX older than 10.3.9. Either upgrade, or use 0.4.8 (compatible with OSX 10.2)

  • Codechange: Drastically reduce the CPU usage in certain cases (AI using CheckStationSpreadOut()) (r7585)
  • Fix: Internal bug in updating the animated_tiles table caused desyncs between (different endian) machines in MP (r7631)
  • Fix: Signal update got propagated through incompatible railtypes and under certain circumstances tunnels and rail on top (r7620)
  • Fix: Remove landscaping toolbar option from road consturction toolbar in scenario editor [FS#473] (r7586)
  • Fix: The server could under certain circumstances tell a client too late to start syncing if it has been waiting to join (r7566)
  • Fix: Removing towns in scenario editor didn't remove their subsidies causing possible crashes [FS#468] (r7563)
  • Fix: Internal and (patches) GUI were disagreeing about autorenew settings [FS#431] (r7561)
  • Fix: No new company could be created if more than 8 clients were connected, even if not all 8 companies were used (r7560)
  • Fix; Clicking 'full load' could under certain circumstances change the current depot order [FS#456] (r7559)
  • Fix: Do not wait till a crashed vehicle is removed before starting to load other vehicles [FS#464] (r7558)
  • Fix: MorhpOS compile and install fixes (r7548)
  • Fix: Removing rail station cost was calculated on occupied area not on number of tiles with an actual station on (r7547)

List of fixes that affected RC1 or were not present in 0.4.8 and have been fixed in the RC2

  • Feature: newstations: add support for variables 45 and 65
  • Fix: [win32] x64 didn't compile (bad project file settings)
  • Fix: make install installs openttd.32.bmp so SDL window has OpenTTD icon
  • Fix: OSX libfontconfig issues solved (is now statically linked)
  • Fix: some MorphOS changes to get OpenTTD compiled, packaged
  • Fix: segmentation fault when clicking showing servers's newgrf files in MP
  • Fix: sction 0xE doesn't deactivate current grf if GRFID is that of the currently active grf
  • Fix: 'screenshot no_con' didn't remove console from screenshot
  • Fix: [win32] window_maximize not always remembered (buggy windows API)
  • Fix: wrong bounding boxes computed for strings with {SETX} causing too-wide dropdown menus
  • Fix: 'goto depot' didn't work for helicopters going to an airport without depot
  • Fix: [yapf] surpress 'train is lost' message if pathfinding ended on the first two-way red signal

Changes in RC3 since RC2

  • Codechange: Add Lithuanian language as an official translation (r7806)
  • Fix: The configure script did not work work for dash, a sh compatible shell [FS#485] (r7893)
  • Fix: [OSX] control + enter no longer fullscreens, interfered with team-chat (r7886)
  • Fix: Offset engines/wagons by half width in details window; fixes overflowing for display (r7864)
  • Fix: [OSX] Remove incorrect debug message about missing grf files. (r7766)
  • Fix: [sdl] sometimes ALT-TAB could trigger the fast forward (r7727)

List of fixes that affected RC2 or were not present in 0.4.8 and have been fixed in the RC3

  • Fix: Only update the signals and YAPF cache on a DC_EXEC action for bridge-building (r7936)
  • Fix: wrong TTDPatch GRF flag was set for gradual loading (r7930)
  • Fix: News windows could still crash due to moving news items around while a news window was still open. (r7823, r7861)
  • Fix: rail station build window was not correctly updated after station_spread change (r7812)
  • Fix: Building airport whose size exceeds max station spread-out caused assert. (r7810)
  • Fix: NewGRF safety scan fixes action E (allow unifont.grf) and Action 0 prop D (bridge) (r7795, r7831)
  • Fix: Sprite usage debug message showed the starting sprite, not current sprite, and only do this during activation (r7760).
  • Fix: off-by-one error in the date to YMD calculation for first 4 years of a century that was not divisable by 400 (r7731)
  • Fix: Bad signal propagation through tunnel-ends, incompatible railtype signal propagation still possible (not fixed). (r7716, r7717, r7718)
  • Fix: OpenTTD didn't compile without network enabled (newgrf sync code) (r7692)
  • Fix: NewGRF Action 7, GRF check condition 10 didn't ignore unknown GRF IDs (r7354)
  • Fix: Caret randomly jumping back&forth for new randomseed (r7182)

Changes in RC4 since RC3

  • Feature: Increase spritecache size to 2MB, will increase performance in games using newgrf files (r8218)
  • Feature: OS/2 support with GCC (Watcom is dropped) (r8042)
  • Codechange: Add Japanese, Slovenian language as an official translation and split Norwegian into Bokmal and Nynorsk (r7987, r8084, r8069)
  • Codechange: Show error messages about our own data files as a popup, or to stderr if console is available (and not to stdout) (r8013, r8134)
  • Codechange: Change the ordering of the network list, compatible servers just missing grf files are below fully compatible servers, not on the bottom (r8118)
  • Fix: Return proper error value when unthreaded save fails, prevents server sending 0-sized files (r8171)
  • Fix: Network client crashes when a server sends a 0-sized savegame [FS#556] (r8167)
  • Fix: Several desync fixes (incorrect roadstop update of old games, autoreplace bugs) [FS#551] (r8137, r8147, r8157)
  • Fix: Some disaster-events fixed: combat chopper shoots from right position, submarine once again moves around (r8140, r8158)
  • Fix: "out of sprite memory" warning messages due to incorrect assumption of requested memory for sprites (r8133)
  • Fix: Bouys are now built and numbered 1..9 not 9..1 [FS#538] (r8123)
  • Fix: Clicking for more news properly cycles through the news history backwards, and doesn't show the first item doubly if it's already open (r8049)
  • Fix: Crash when removing a town in the scenario editor while the query window is open for one of the town's tiles (r8030)
  • Fix: Overflow of system-ticks was not handled properly, resulting in a possibly unresponsive server/client (r8028)
  • Fix: Automatic pause interfering with 'pause_on_join setting' in MP when <shift> is pressed [FS#486] (r8027)
  • Fix: Picking up en-route cargo will also have virtual profit deducted for trains aswell (r8026)
  • Fix: Out-of-bounds read access on _clients array (harmless) (r7984)

List of fixes that affected RC3 or were not present in 0.4.8 and have been fixed in the RC4

  • Codechange: MSVC solution files will make openttd THE startup project (r8112)
  • Codechange: Add the ability to load savegames without matching grf's. ONLY allow games with matching GRFID's (and non-matching MD5SUM) to be loaded; missing is still denied as it can crash OpenTTD (r8106)
  • Codechange: The station list does now remember the sort settings (r8065)
  • Fix: Apply railtype offset to station graphics if no custom station is in use, shows maglev graphic for maglev station [FS#557] (r8186)
  • Fix: ParseConnectionstring didn't use the port parameter if a player was also specified (r8168)
  • Fix: Do not assert when removing duplicates would remove non-static grf (r8135)
  • Fix: The game could crash when the chat key (<ENTER>) is pressed too quickly during join in MP (r8132)
  • Fix: Uninitializing windows calls WE_DESTROY to free dynamic memory used, cut down on memleaks (r8101, r8119)
  • Fix: Show the activated status of the GRF after pressing apply in window (r8094)
  • Fix: [win32] *nprintf functions are broken, 'len = count' wasn't handled, now string is always null-terminated (r8089, r8090)
  • Fix: Float division by 0 in YAPF code on Win9x (r8079, r8080)
  • Fix: Heightmap crashes when rescaling, or using 24bpp bitmaps [FS#537] (r8070, r8074)
  • Fix: Inauguration date of companies from TTDP games was wrong [FS#536] (r8071)
  • Fix: One more news-window crash fix (r8049)
  • Fix: Segfault in the newgrf loading code when using certain newgrf files (r7979)

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