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Major new features

  • Bugfixes
  • The most visible change is likely that vehicle payments now happen when unloading has completed. This fixes lots of 'exploits' that allowed people to get more payment than they should have gotten.


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0.7.2-RC1 (2009-07-15)

  • Add: Plural 'rule' for Korean (r16811)
  • Add: [NoAI] AIVehicle::GetReliability to get the current reliability of vehicles (r16790)
  • Fix: Call the AI Save() function only once so AIs can not crash OpenTTD #3034 (r16834)
  • Fix: Use the palette of the vehicle being drawn instead of the one of the front vehicle (r16819)
  • Fix: Automatic resizing of SelectCompanyLiveryWindow was not working as expected #3021 (r16809)
  • Fix: Service orders did not behave like conditional orders; if a train does not need service it did not completely skip the order, but still go in the direction of the depot #3031 (r16802)
  • Fix: Houses would not get build on the map edge #3025 (r16795)
  • Fix: Audio playback rate was fixed at 11025Hz regardless of the rate specified to the audio driver, resulting in incorrect playback speed. It is still preferable to use 11025Hz output rate if possible as OpenTTD's sample rate converter is very low quality (r16784)
  • Fix: Do not use the same error message for turning around road vehicles and flipping parts of trains in the depot #3019 (r16772)
  • Fix: The win32 and win64 binary packages would not get their readme converted to DOS line endings (r16769)
  • Fix: [NoAI] AITile::GetCargoProduction/Acceptance did not accept a radius of 0 anymore (r16767)
  • Fix: In the refit window the "Select cargo type to carry" line always showed the ship refit tooltip #3018 (r16757)
  • Fix: When loading a savegame Engine::grffile might be left NULL in certain cases (dynamic_engines enabled, articulated vehicle with only wagon-override action3s) (r16737)
  • Fix: Show Close instead of Cancel when there is nothing to canel in the content downloading window #2991 (r16732)
  • Fix: [NoAI] AIDepotList contained wrong tiles for hangars when st->xy != st->airport_tile (r16731)
  • Fix: The Join station window did not show all stations nearby in some cases (r16728)
  • Fix: Invalidate subsidies with invalid source or destination when converting older savegames (r16710)
  • Fix: The list of animated tiles could have duplicates (only for old savegames) and tiles that were not animated #2994 (r16709)
  • Fix: When SDL/Allegro fail to initialise, fall back on another video driver but not to the null driver (r16702, r16700, r16699)
  • Fix: Limit the screen's resolution to 65535x65535 so the dirty pixels stay within bounds of a 32 bits integer #3001 (r16701)
  • Fix: Only pay for whatever has been actually unloaded and perform the payment when unloading has finished #2995 (r16694)
  • Fix: Missing debug string for ESRB_SAFE_TILE in YAPF debugging helper #3002 (r16690)
  • Fix: When there is no AI version that can load data from the savegame, load the latest version of the same AI instead of a random AI (r16651, r16650, r16649)
  • Fix: Loading of some town data from old savegames was broken (r16631)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Some of the var action 2 80+ variables contained wrong results from NewGRF perspective (r16615, r16613)
  • Fix: Antialiased fonts broken; check pixel_mode instead of palette_mode (r16602)
  • Fix: Give a more meaningful error message when console commands expect an integer but do not get one (r16600)
  • Fix: Mouse would under some circumstances not be undrawn when drawing the first chat line causing two mouse pointers to be visible #2969 (r16594)
  • Fix: Do not crash when tars/NewGRFs are removed, just tell the file could not be opened/found #2967 (r16590)
  • Fix: Set default stack size to 1MB to prevent _chstk crash (MSVC) #2978 (r16589, r16588)
  • Fix: [Network] Always send the starting date from the game you are currently playing instead the starting date from the config file (r16573)
  • Fix: Also catch FPEs in saveload and the warning about missing NewGRFs; only happens when assertions are disabled and NewGRFs are missing (r16572)
  • Fix: In some cases, train could be stuck in depot #2974 (r16571)
  • Fix: [NoAI] AIMarine::AreWaterTilesConnected did not return true for bridge head<>neighbouring water tile (r16563)
  • Fix: Removing of duplicates of base graphics set could behave randomly (r16548)
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