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OpenTTD 0.7.4 | OpenTTD 0.7.5 | OpenTTD 1.0.0

This version was released on 2009-12-23.

You can get this release from


Major new features

  • Bug fixes
  • Windows help window


0.7.5 (2009-12-23)


0.7.5-RC1 (2009-12-14)

  • Add: Some missing latin-ish characters from the OpenGFX set (r18431)
  • Change #3349: Recolour the bubble generator just like any other industry (r18409)
  • Fix: Read after free in case no network connection could be made with the content server (r18493)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Initialisation of cargo payment was broken for NewGRF cargos #3344 (r18475)
  • Fix: [NoAI] AIOrder::SkipToOrder did not properly resolve ORDER_CURRENT (r18471)
  • Fix: When moving a wagon and only the last part of a dual headed engine you could split the dual headed engine over two vehicles (r18462)
  • Fix: [Windows] Forgot to load the symbol from SDL.dll (r18439)
  • Fix: Do not run the 'jam protection' for vehicles in a depot #3360 (r18428)
  • Fix: [Windows] the help window would be too large in some cases #3327 (r18424)
  • Fix: Under some circumstances a pointer could be left untouched and then freed. Make sure this does not happen by ensuring it starts out as NULL instead of 'garbage' #3298 (r18418)
  • Fix: On slopes the original and better road layouts did not check their minimum distance requirements #3332 (r18415)
  • Fix: Aqueducts were not influenced by the 'long bridges' setting #3338 (r18407)
  • Fix: Drive through road stops did not get flooded (r18401)
  • Fix: [YAPP] Trains on bridges were not found, when searching for the origin of a reservation #3345 (r18392)
  • Fix: (Invalid) GRFs could trigger invalid reads (r18391)
  • Fix: One could not share orders between buses carrying different cargos (r18380)
  • Fix: Off-by-one in the preconfigured music lists #3339 (r18369)
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