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OpenTTD 1.0.0 | OpenTTD 1.0.1/Fr | OpenTTD 1.0.2

This version was released on 01 May 2010.

You can get this stable release from


Major new features

  • Bugfixes
  • Several security fixes:
    • CVE-2010-0406: Denial of service (server) via leaking file descriptors
    • CVE-2010-0402: Denial of service via improperly validated commands
    • CVE-2010-0401: Access restriction circumvention, remote crash


1.0.1 (2010-05-01)

  • Fix: Crash when using restart via rcon (r19722)
  • Fix: Leaking a file descriptor [CVE-2010-0406] #3785 (r19695)
  • Fix: Crash when the music/graphics metadata files were unreadable #3774 (r19674)
  • Fix: Random tree type did not build all sub-tropic trees #3792 (r19724)

1.0.1-RC2 (2010-04-22)

  • Fix: Desync when joining the game because of using the wrong variable (r19687)
  • Fix: Truncated archives were not detected when using zlib 1.2.3. This also fixes zlib 1.2.4 compatibility, zlib 1.2.5 is bugfree (r19686)
  • Fix: Towns with 3x3 and 2x2 road layouts could not expand (r19683)
  • Fix: When joining a MP game all clients with company ID > 0 would be shown as if they were a spectator #3775 (r19680)
  • Fix: Client status was shown incorrect in the console (r19678)

1.0.1-RC1 (2010-04-17)

  • Feature: [NewGRF] Support for extended text code 0x9A 11, print qword (r19570)
  • Feature: Give more detailed error message when trying to build a too long bridge (r19561)
  • Feature: Add rail speed limit to land area information window (r19556, r19434)
  • Add: [NoAI] AIRail::GetMaxSpeed(RailType) to get the speed limit of railtypes (r19591)
  • Change: Sync Debian packaging updates from Debian, but keep building a single package (r19572)
  • Fix: Crash of a dedicated server if the null blitter is overridden and (after a while) there is no company 0 on new year anymore #3749 (r19664)
  • Fix: In rare cases, update of signals could be missed (r19663)
  • Fix: Various improvements of command handling, missing error messages (r19658, r19657, r19656, r19655, r19654, r19637, r19633, r19621, r19616, r19605, r19604)
  • Fix: Industry generation failed for large maps and lots of industry types (r19652, r19643)
  • Fix: When a company is sold, move connected clients to spectators #3745 (r19651)
  • Fix: A client would not be properly moved when moved while joining, e.g. when entering a company's password. This caused the client to be in the wrong company (according to the rest of the clients) and the client being kicked on the first command #3760 (r19648)
  • Fix: Trains loaded above the original IDs did not have a default railtypelabel assigned to them, causing them to be unavailable. Could cause desyncs if the multiplayer game was not started from a savegame #3768 (r19647)
  • Fix: Do not allow building cacti outside of the desert or rain forest trees outside of the rain forest area. This to prevent people from thinking planting rain forest trees makes the rain forest bigger and thus adds more place to build a lumber mill #3728 (r19644, r19635, r19634)
  • Fix: Desync when taking over companies (r19636)
  • Fix: Chat message caused glitch when rejoining a network game #3757 (r19629)
  • Fix: Desync when a command is received and in the queue while a client starts joining, i.e. save the game state. This can happen in two ways: with frame_freq > 1 a command received in a previous frame might not be executed yet or when a command is received in the same frame as the join but before the savegame is made. In both cases the joining client would not get all commands to get in-sync with the server (and the other clients) (r19620)
  • Fix: Company related graphs were not updated correctly after changing the company colour #3763 (r19615)
  • Fix: Possible invalid read when server moves client to spectators before he finishes joining #3755 (r19613)
  • Fix: Crash when opening a savegame with a waypoint from around 0.4.0 #3756 (r19612)
  • Fix: Improve joining behaviour; kicking clients when entering passwords that was just cleared, 'connection lost' for people failing the password (r19610, r19609, r19608, r19607, r19606)
  • Fix: Desync debugging; false positives in the cache validity checks and saving/loading the command stream (r19619, r19617, r19602, r19601, r19600, r19596, r19593, r19592, r19589, r19587, r19586)
  • Fix: Presence of online content was not properly updated after download due to duplicate slashes in the path (r19600)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Setting industry prop 0x24 to 0 caused empty station names (r19590)
  • Fix: Crash when pressing 'h' (non-stop) in the order window of a ship or aircraft #3744 (r19584)
  • Fix: Graphs were not properly updated when going toggling keys (i.e. companies) (r19574)
  • Fix: The timetable button was not automatically raised #3739 (r19571)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Possible buffer underflow in NewGRF string code (r19569)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Do not return a random colour for unowned industries in var 45; TTDPatch does not seem to set the colour data in that case either and it could lead to desyncs (r19566)
  • Fix: Window::OnResize() was not always called while resizing a window causing incorrect windows #3730 (r19563, r19558)
  • Fix: Bridge build error message should not show the same message twice (r19560, r19559)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] During NewGRF loading, store rail type labels in temporary data and process after loading has finished. This avoids deactivated rail vehicles being reactivated if the climate property is set after the rail type property (r19557, r19502)
  • Fix: Improperly scaled cargo payment graph when having lots of cargo (r19550, 19543)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Properties set before property 08 (house, industry, industry tiles) should be ignored, not trigger the NewGRF to be disabled #3725 (r19547)
  • Fix: Sorting industries by production was broken for NewGRF industries (r19538)
  • Fix: Vehicle details window did not resize correctly after refitting a road vehicle to a longer variant #3720 (r19533)
  • Fix: Prevent drawing industries disabled at the smallmap as land tiles when they are built on water (r19523)
  • Fix: Tunnels, bridges and roadstops are build with only one roadtype (r19506)
  • Fix: Remove same_industry_close setting did not do what it said and caused NewGRF trouble (r19499)
  • Fix: Keep number padding intact when cloning vehicle names #3710 (r19498)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Bytes and words get sign-extended for temporary/persistent storage (r19497)
  • Fix: Stop reducing the size of the vehicle list after selecting a vehicle with a long description (r19480)
  • Fix: Implement custom sound effect for helicopter take-off #3668 (r19364)
  • Update: Plural type of Slovak (r19452)

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