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This version was released on 2011-09-15.

You can get this release from


Major new features

  • River graphics for original base set
  • Bugfixes


1.1.3 (2011-09-15)

  • Fix: Prevent authentication bypass for the admin port when a new game is started #4771 (r22934)
  • Fix: TTO savegames with any aircraft not in an hangar caused crashes during load (r22915)
  • Fix: Windows 2000 and XP without service pack 3 must use the win9x binary/installer; the newer MSVC compiler of the compile farm does not support those versions of Windows anymore #4749 (r22909)

1.1.3-RC1 (2011-09-04)

  • Add: River graphics for the original base set (r22766)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] DCxx text references via the textstack are not allowed, but caused crash #4758 (r22882)
  • Fix: Harden memory allocation (r22881, r22880, r22875)
  • Fix: Miscalculation of train curve speed limits (r22879)
  • Fix: Validate image dimensions before loading #4747 (r22878, r22877, r22874, r22873)
  • Fix: Report an error in the news if autoreplace/renew fails due to the engine type being no longer available #4712 (r22876)
  • Fix: Perform stricter checks on RLE compressed BMP images #4746 (r22872, r22871)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Variables 40 and 81 of callback 18 are not the same as 80 (r22867)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Generic callbacks shall chain to the next GRF when the callback fails (r22866, r22865)
  • Fix: Perform stricter checks on some commands #4745 (r22845)
  • Fix: Harden savegame load against too many AI config settings #4748 (r22843)
  • Fix: Compilation with GCC 4.7 (r22832, r22728, r22719)
  • Fix: Allow to demolish aqueducts built in the scenario editor #4741 (r22821)
  • Fix: Towns expanding from the "wrong" side of a tunnel or bridge #4731 (r22810, r22809)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] String codes for dates should use unsigned words, like old OpenTTD did before it learned dates before 1920 (r22774)
  • Fix: [NoAI] Clarify the meaning of AIStation::IsWithinTownInfluence(), AITile::IsWithinTownInfluence() and AITown::IsWithinTownInfluence() #4702 (r22763)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Also free allocated depot tables of NewGRF airports (r22760)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Invalid memory access when querying the grfID of the default objects #4730 (r22757)
  • Fix: When marking tile selections dirty, use the height information of the corners instead of the surface slope. This is more accurate when the foundation is kind of undefined #4727 (r22755)
  • Fix: Make aircraft point to the exit when leaving the hangar #4696 (r22743, r22742, r22741)
  • Fix: Display the size of the leveled platform in the measurement tooltip of terraforming operations #4708 (r22740, r22739)
  • Fix: Setting company passwords via the GUI on servers (including starting a company with the default password) failed, so no client could join that company #4722 (r22738)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] The construction stage sprites were incorrectly selected in cases other than 1 or 4 sprites per set (r22731)
  • Fix: [NoAI] AITile::GetCargoAcceptance, AITile::GetCargoProduction and AIRail::BuildNewGRFRailStation did not check the cargo argument for validity (r22726)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Always draw NewGRF supplied texts with a default colour (r22725)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Do not restrict AdvVarAct2 to 255 operations (r22723)
  • Fix: If there is no point in opening the rail/air toolbar, do not open it for people who use hotkeys either rather than only for those using GUI elements (r22716, r22715, r22714)
  • Fix: [NoAI] Allow AIAirport::GetNoiseLevelIncrease() also for expired airports #4704 (r22710)

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