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This article concerns a current event. Some of its content may therefore be outdated. The article should be given a higher than usual amount of attention while the event remains current.

0.6.0 Roadmap

Major features to expect in 0.6.0
Item Assigned To Status Remarks
Full flexible track/road layout under bridges Tron, Celestar, KUDr Finished In Nightlies since r7573, 2006-12-27
Raised the limit of max sprites for newgrf peter1138 Finished In Nightlies since r8129, 2007-01-14
Drive-through Road Stops mart3p Finished In Nightlies since r8735, 2007-02-14
Show newgrf error messages Maedhros Finished In Nightlies since r8838, 2007-02-21
Newhouses Maedhros, Belugas, peter1138 Finished In Nightlies since r9315, 2007-03-19
Cargo translation table support peter1138 In progress
Newcargos peter1138 In progress
Newindustries Unclaimed Unclaimed Depends on newhousees and newcargos
Global percentage
Status Count Percentage Multiplier Amount
Finished 5 62.5% 1 5
Mergeable 0 0% 0.67 0
In progress 2 25% 0.33 0.66
Assigned 0 0% 0.1 0
Unclaimed 1 12.5% 0 0
Total percentage 8 100% - 6

The total readiness percentage of this roadmap is 70.75%

Note: the readiness percentage does tell how close we are to a new release and features on this roadmap are not per defintion going to be in 0.6.0.

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