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If you want to host multiplayer network games, you need to set up the OpenTTD server on your computer.


1 From the Main Menu, click Multiplayer

2 Click Start Server

3 Pick a name for your game to help others identify it, and enter it into the Game name box

4 Configure the additional settings, explained below:

5 Click New Game (to generate random new game), or Load Game (to continue an saved game), or Play Scenario, or Play Heightmap, or Cancel.


  • Set Password sets a password for the server so that only users who know the password can join your game.
  • Connection specifies whether the server is for LAN use only, or if it advertises itself to the master server so that it shows up in the internet server list.
  • Language Spoken is for requesting that users speak a certain language on your server.
  • Max clients limits the total number of clients (players and spectators) that can connect.
  • Max companies limits the number of companies at game.
  • Max spectators limits the number of clients who can connect to watch but not play (not-players).


If your computer is behind a firewall or NAT router, you should check that the correct ports (port 3979 by default) are open or forwarded. You can change the port used by entering "server_port <port>" into the game's console.

Dedicated server

If you are expecting many players and aren't going to be using the machine yourself to play, you can start OpenTTD as a dedicated server instead of the usual interactive graphical version.

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