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Barra de menú

Game controls
Pause Pause
Fast Forward Fast forward
Options Game options · Difficulty settings · Advanced settings · AI settings · NewGRF settings · Transparency options
Save/Load Save game · Load game · Abandon game · Exit
Map information
Minimap Map of world · Extra viewport · Sign list
Town directory Town directory
Subsidies Subsidies
Station list Station list
Company and industry information
Finances screen Finances screen
Company Information Company information
Graphs Operating profit graph · Income graph · Delivered cargo graph · Performance history graph · Company value graph · Cargo payment rates
Company league Company league table · Detailed performance rating
Industries Industry directory · Fund new industry
Vehicle information
Train list Trains list
Road vehicle list Road vehicles list
Ship list Ships list
Aircraft list Aircrafts list
Zoom in Zoom in
Zoom out Zoom out
Build railroads Railway construction · Electrified railway constructions · Monorail construction · Maglev construction
Build roads Roadway construction · Tramway construction
Build docks Waterways construction
Build airports Airport construction
Landscape Landscaping · Plant trees · Place sign
Jukebox Sound/music
News Last message/news report · Message settings · Message history
Other Land area information · Toggle console · AI debug · Screenshot · Zoomed in screenshot · Whole map screenshot · About OpenTTD
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