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OpenTTD Developer
Real Name: Patric Stout
Year of Birth: 1983
Coding Speciality: NoAI Developer, SysOp
Current Status: Retired
Web site:


Who am I?

I am Patric Stout, born in 1983 (you do the math), live in The Netherlands, currently enjoying a study in Computer Science. In my free time I have a IT Service (read: Consulting) Company.

What do I do at OpenTTD

After being active for 2 years as programmer all around in OpenTTD, from NewAI to NetworkRewrite, from applying many patches, to making suggestions and bitching people around, I finally gave up that job and let others do it. My only current duties are making sure all web-related things stay operational, and supply the current developers with what ever weird idea they come up with this time ;) So I make sure SVN runs, the nightlies are produced, stays reachable, you can request the masterserver, and more of those things.

I finally stepped out of the coding, so don't try to reach me for that ;)

I joined OpenTTD in March 2004 (if I am not mistaken). I started out with some simple patches like NewFace (never applied), then onwards to some bigger ones (a never applied BigMap patch, I already had it in 2004 :p :p :p). Then, on a good (or rather bad) day, when the old SVN crashed and didn't came back, I took over those services. Slowly onwards from there I took over all the web-related things, and organized it into a more stable platform. Together with MiHaMiX we built the nightly farm, and because of that we now have a big archive of binaries, back to 2004 ;) Then I started to put more and more time in OpenTTD, made some big things like the new network code, and as last thing I helped out cleaning up and merging the new landscape generator (TGP). Because of the time OpenTTD consumed of my life, I now stopped coding in general, so I can finally finish up my study ;)


As of 11-11-2007, I am retired from OpenTTD. For various of reasons, but most of all: I lost fun in it. Still, it was a good 3 years :)

Current Status

As of March 2008 I have been asked to continue the developing of NoAI, and doing so. Also picked up the job of SysOp in a serious matter, and arranging all kinds of things on that field.

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