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1. Two Platforms   2. Two Tracks  

In-depth Instructions

Now that you have built your first railway, you may want to expand it with more trains and more platforms.

From the previous tutorial you should have a railway that looks like the picture below.


Two seasons of a platform and a train.

This example is used since both stations easily fit in a single picture. In your game, you can have a much longer track, or put your platforms down in a different manner.

Adding another train

A disadvantage of the above layout is that the tracks and the stations are not used very efficiently. You are paying a large sum of money for maintaining all those tracks, and it is used by only one train!

The remedy is simple, add another train. In that way, you can always load coal from the mine. Replace the station at the mine by one with two platforms, and connect second platform to the track as shown below.


Mine station with two platforms.

The signals at the mine station are double sided since trains need to pass them from both directions.

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