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==Translated pages==
==Translated pages==
*[[Trudność/Pl]] from [[Difficulty]]
so many pages (about 150 edits monthly)
*[[Zaawansowane ustawienia/Pl]] from [[Advanced Settings]] (all sections)
*[[Ekonomia/Pl]] from [[Economy]]
*[[Firma transportowa/Pl]] from [[Transport company]]
*all pages about Indusries and Cargos

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Name Globus3
Gender Male
Birthplace Hospital
Location Warsaw
Country Poland
Contact info
PL I'm translator OpenTTD Wiki.

Flag En.png Hi, I'm 15 years old translator OpenTTD Wiki. I'm translating wiki's pages from English to Polish.

Flag Pl.png Cześć, jestem 15-letnim tłumaczem OpenTTD Wiki. Tłumaczę strony z języka angielskiego na polski.

Translated pages

so many pages (about 150 edits monthly)

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