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Usefull Links:
[ Help:Advanced editing]
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[ Help:Magic_words]

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i started to arrange some of the resources but i am not sure that following the current categories layout which i adopted will be best.

i want that hide function.

the Navbox almost done.

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Enter {{cleanup}} inside an article if you think the article is not well structured, contains outdated information and is generally hard to read. Example:

This article needs a cleanup. It has grown over time and is now hard to read. You can improve it by rewriting parts of it or by giving the article a new structure.

Enter {{current}} inside an article if it contains information that is likely to change on account of being about a current event. Example:
Current event.png

This article concerns a current event. Some of its content may therefore be outdated. The article should be given a higher than usual amount of attention while the event remains current.

  • First clearly explain on the Discussion page what in particular needs expanding so there's a starter if people have questions.
  • Then enter {{expand|notes}} inside the article or section that needs expansion, with a brief summary.
  • The summary needn't be too in depth - it's for the reader, the discussion page is for the editor.
  • The summary should be a sentence or phrase that makes sense in when it appears just after "This article or section needs expanding." in the message.


{{expand|Needs complete list of bridges}}

This will add the article to Category:Articles to be expanded.


This article or section needs expanding.
Needs complete list of bridges

  • You can find more information on what exactly needs doing in the discussion for this article.
  • Use the Manual of Style for a correct edition.
  • Remember to remove this template once the article has been expanded.
Current event.png

Under Development
This feature is currently under development, and is not currently available in a stable build of OpenTTD nor the nightly build.


Please note that the information on this page is not yet complete, as it is still under construction.


Please do not use external image hosting services such as Imageshack or even your own webspace. Also, do not post extremely large pictures, which may break the advanced layouts used. You can help by uploading any externally linked images you find.

Enter {{stub}} at the bottom of the article you would like to be expanded. Example:

Article contents

This will add the article to Category:Articles to be expanded.


This article is a stub. Please, if you can, expand it.


Feature Suggestions
If you have suggestions for new features, post them to the forum, where developers and other players will voice their opinions on your idea. Only post them under requested features if you have first started a forum thread, and definitely don't create a separate page unless it's under your user page.


Usefull Links: Help:Advanced editing Help:Images Help:Magic_words

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