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== Patches ==
== Patches ==
All my patches that has been submitted to FlySpray can be found on this address: (copy the entire address and paste in your browser)
[ View all my patches that has been submitted to FlySpray][]=3&type[]=4&sev[]=&pri[]=&due[]=&reported[]=&cat[]=&status[]=&percent[]=&opened=Zuu&dev=&closed=&duedatefrom=&duedateto=&changedfrom=&changedto=&openedfrom=&openedto=&closedfrom=&closedto=&do=index
[ Or view all my bugs reports, patches, wip, feature requests]
[ Or view all my bugs reports, patches, wip, feature requests]

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User name at tt-forums: "Zuu"

A list of my contributions to the OpenTTD community can be found below:



  • OpenTTD Auto Update - A tool to keep multiple OpenTTD installations up to date on the win32 platform. It handles many different release types: "Last Nightly", "Last Stable", "Last Stable (including pre-stable)" (stable + release candidates + betas), "#openttdcoop Public Server", etc. I wrote it because I was to lazy to downloading the nightlies manually each time. Also, I was in the need for an interesting Delphi project.


  • CluelessPlus - The first public user AI was "Clueless". CluelessPlus keeps some of the original ideas but has over time got several improvements.
  • PAXLink - The only AI I know that use feeder systems. (to varying degrees of success)
  • TownCars - Populates towns with cars that drive around and looks nice. Read more in the thread about how to use this AI together with car newGRFs.
  • IdleMore - a fork of Idle that does even less. No renaming of company upon loading of games and bank balance management is turned off by default. (can be enabled via setting)
  • TutorialAI - A starter to make a game tutorial implemented as an AI that talks to the players using signs and demonstrate how to build stuff.
  • SuperLib is not an AI, but an AI library where I've started to move code that is common between CluelessPlus and PAXLink. The main goal is to reduce my own workload for maintenance of the same code at two places, but if someone finds it useful for their AIs it is a nice bonus. Please tell me if you find it useful.

Please read more in the linked threads about each AI if you are interested.

A list of URLs (as shown in game) to my AIs can be viewed here:

Game Scripts

  • Minimal GS - A minimal Game Script that can work as a template for new Game Scripts
  • TransportGoals - Goal: Have a high ratio of cargo delivered / vehicle
  • Neighbours are important - Goal: deliver cargo to towns in order for them to grow. In the default configuration the cargo requirement depends not only on the size of a town itself but also its neighbours.
  • Beginner Tutorial - A in-game tutorial about how to play OpenTTD.
  • SuperLib for NoGo - A port/translation of SuperLib has been made so that it can be used also from Game Scripts.


View all my patches that has been submitted to FlySpray

Or view all my bugs reports, patches, wip, feature requests

The main feature patches in trunk that I have made are:

However, the size of the work behind the Widget Focus patch is much larger than the move AIs up/down patch. The devs should also be thanked for the time they have spent on reviewing my work and providing feedback.



Since sometime in year 2010 I've become a translator for OpenTTD. Below follows my own todo-list for the Swedish translation.

  • "Toggle" is sometimes not translated correctly. Eg. it may be translated as disable/turn off one of the states that is being toggled between.
  • Check usage of "Körschema" and "Rutt"

Other projects

Outside of the world of OpenTTD, I'm running a few non-profit projects:

  • Junctioneer - a traffic intersection simulator (where cars in opposition to OpenTTD have a longer breaking distance and collide if they fail to stop in time)
  • - a website where people can share experience about hearing loops in Sweden.
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