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|setname= xUSSR Set
|setname= xUSSR Set
|screenshot= Main screenshot_EN_1.png
|screenshot= Main screenshot_EN_1.png

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Main screenshot EN 1.png
Авторы George, Wowan, Simozzz, Ghost, Rubiroid, Engineer_Keen, Otecan, LitNik
Кодер George
Домашняя страница xUSSR Set at ttdrussia.net
Авторское право copyrighted

The xUSSR Railway Set includes locomotives, DMUs, EMUs and other rolling stock from the former Russian Empire, Soviet Union, the CIS and several countries containing former U.S.S.R. All the vehicles are drawn in realistic extended scale, exceeding original Transport Tycoon graphics. All technical features such as power, tractive effort, capacity, production date are based on pecularities and functionality of real vehicles.


Railway tracks

The term "Railway tracks". Types of railway tracks in xUSSR set.

Rolling stock

Rolling stock (RS)— movable rail units intended for the carriage of goods and passengers by rail. The set includes following models of rolling stock.


The term "Locomotives". Types of Steames.


The term "Locomotives". Types of locomotives.

Electric locomotives

The concept of the term "Locomotives". Types of electric locomotives.

DMUs and EMUs

The term "DMU". The term "EMU". The types of DMUs and EMUs.

Freight wagons

The term "Freight wagons". Types of freight wagons.

Passenger wagons

The term "Passenger wagons". Types of passenger wagons.

Economy xUSSR set

Painting and liveryes in xUSSR set

Information about the color and livery in xUSSR set.

Tips for beginners

For those players who have decided to try to play first time with xUSSR set, there are a few tips.

Screenshots gallery

Screenshots from the game using the xUSSR set.

History of changes in xUSSR set

History of changes in xUSSR set includes a list of changes since version 0.2.

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