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Please note that the information on this page is not yet complete, as it is still under construction.

Playing aesthetically is a style of gameplay in OpenTTD. Players of this style prefer to build attractive networks, and may look to real life to provide inspiration for their in-game networks. Most players will use a combination of NewGRFs to increase realism further.

Aesthetic players might do some of the following:

  • use NewGRF graphics depicting railway yards, ports and urban areas
  • add extra roads or tracks in areas where they're not needed
  • design network layouts that depict or resemble real-life examples
  • tell stories about the development of their company, network or map
  • provide information which is superfluous to success in the game, such as network maps or route guides

A lot of contributions to the TT-Forums Screenshot forum follow some of these methods.

The simple way of serving a coal mine...
... And what an aesthetic player might do using NewGRF stations and objects
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