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This is the Air Vehicles 32bpp "extra zoom level" graphics tracker, See below what had been done and what has to be done.

12% completed



Name Original Remodeled By Coded By Status Image
Sampson U52 (Junkers JU52) JunkersJU52.png pietjeklap Maquinista DONE JU52 a.png
Coleman Count (Vickers Viscount) DouglasDC-3Dakota.png pietjeklap WIP VV b.png
FFP Dart (Aërospatiale SE-210 Caravelle) AërospatialeSE-310Caravelle.png pietjeklap WIP SE210 b.png
Yate Haugan (Concorde) BAC-AërospatialConcorde.png pietjeklap WIP Concorde b.png
Bakewell Cotswald (DC-3 Dakota) DouglasDC-3Dakota.png pietjeklap WIP DC3 b.png
Bakewell Luckett LB-8 (McDonnell Douglas DC-8) McDonnellDouglasDC-8.png pietjeklap WIP DC8 b.png
Bakewell Luckett LB-9 (McDonnell Douglas DC-9) McDonnellDouglasDC-9.png pietjeklap WIP DC9 b.png
Bakewell Luckett LB80 (McDonnell Douglas MD80) McDonnellDouglasMD80.png pietjeklap WIP MD80 b.png
Bakewell Luckett LB-10 (McDonnell Douglas DC-10)

(The sprites are the same as the MD-11)
A new sprite will need a new GRF.

McDonnelDouglasDC-10.png pietjeklap DONE DC10 b.png
Bakewell Luckett LB-11 (McDonnell Douglas MD-11) McDonnellDouglasMD-11.png pietjeklap Maquinista DONE MD11 passenger a.png
Yate Aerospace YAC 1-11 (British Aerospace BAC 1-11) BritishAerospaceBAC1-11.png Unclaimed
Darwin 100 (Boeing 727) Boeing727.png pietjeklap WIP 727 b.png
Darwin 200 (Boeing 737) Boeing737.png pietjeklap WIP 737 b.png
Darwin 300 (Boeing 747) Boeing747.png pietjeklap Maquinista DONE 747 passenger a.png
Darwin 400 (Boeing 757) Boeing757.png pietjeklap WIP 757 b.png
Darwin 500 (Boeing 767) Boeing767.png pietjeklap WIP 767 b.png
Darwin 600 (Boeing 777) AirbusA330.png pietjeklap WIP 777 b.png
Guru Galaxy (Lockheed L-1011 TriStar)

(The sprite are the same as the MD-11)
A new sprite will need a new GRF.

LockheedTristar.png pietjeklap DONE L1011 b.png
Airtaxi A21 (Airbus A300) AirbusA300.png pietjeklap WIP A300 b.png
Airtaxi A31 (Airbus A310) AirbusA300.png pietjeklap WIP A310 b.png
Airtaxi A32 (Airbus A320) AirbusA320.png pietjeklap WIP A320 b.png
Airtaxi A33 (Airbus A330) AirbusA330.png pietjeklap WIP A330 b.png
Yate Aerospace YAe46 (British Aerospace BAe 146) BritishAerospaceBAe46.png pietjeklap WIP BAE146 b.png
Dinger 100 (Fokker 100) Fokker100.png pietjeklap WIP F100 b.png


Airtaxi A34-1000 (unknown/futuristic) AirTaxiA34-1000.png Unclaimed
Yate Z-Shuttle (unknown/futuristic) YateZ-Shuttle.png Unclaimed
Kelling K1 (unknown/futuristic) KellingK1.png Wacki WIP KellingK1.jpg
Kelling K6 (unknown/futuristic) KellingK6.png Unclaimed
Kelling K7 (unknown/futuristic) KellingK7.png Unclaimed
Darwin 700 (possibly 787 due to naming scheme) Darwin700.png Unclaimed
FFP Hyperdart 2 (unknown/futuristic) FFPHyperdart2.png Wacki WIP FFPHyper.png
Dinger 200 (unknown/futuristic; closest specification match may be the Airbus A380) Dinger200.png Unclaimed
Dinger 1000 (unknown/futuristic; closest specification match may be the Boeing Sonic Cruiser) Dinger1000.png Unclaimed


Ploddyphut 100 (Unknown/Toyland) Ploddyphut100.png Unclaimed
Ploddyphut 500 (Unknown/Toyland) Ploddyphut500.png Unclaimed
Flashbang X1 (Unknown/Toyland) Flashbang X1.png Unclaimed
Juggerplane M1 (Unknown/Toyland) JuggerplaneM1.png Unclaimed
Flashbang Wizzer (British Aerospace Concorde/Toyland) Flashbangwizzer.png Unclaimed


Tricario Helicopter (Sikorsky Helicopter, most probably S-62 due to design date) SikorskyHelicopter.png Unclaimed
Guru X2 Helicopter (Unknown/futuristic) GuruX2Helicopter.png Unclaimed
Powernaut Helicopter (Unknown/Toyland) Powernauthelicopter.png Unclaimed


Name Original Remodeled By Image
Sampson U52 (Junkers JU52) JunkersJU52.png Wacki Samson52 33.jpg
FFP Dart (Aërospatiale SE-310 Caravelle) AërospatialeSE-310Caravelle.png Aracirion Caravelle.png
Darwin 700 (possibly 787 due to naming scheme) Darwin700.png Silky 787-8 2.png
Bakewell Luckett LB80 (McDonnell Douglas MD80) McDonnellDouglasMD80.png Wacki LB80.jpg

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