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When you encounter an obstacle, building a bridge might be a good solution. You can use them to build your railroad over a competitor's tracks, to make your road vehicles and trains cross lakes or to create crossover-free highly optimized railway junctions.

See Building bridges tutorial to learn how to build bridges.

Two types of bridges can be built:

  • Road bridges
  • Railway bridges

To build road bridges, open the Road Construction Toolbar ( Manual html ma6d6c8c.png ) and select the Road Bridge tool:

Selecting Road Bridge tool

To build railway bridges, open the Railway Construction Toolbar ( Manual html m772c5b23.png ) and select the Bridge tool:

Selecting Railway Bridge tool

Bridges can be built:

  • above flat land or over land sloped towards the bridge (no diagonal slopes underneath);
  • above regular (full) water tiles;
  • above regular and unmodified rail/road/canal tiles (same goes for constructing those under a bridge).
  • starting and ending at different heights (no more than 1 level), given that the starting/ending tile is on a sloped surface while the other end is on a flat surface.
  • above diagonal tracks and above tracks with signals (since 0.6.x series)

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