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In-depth Instructions

In this tutorial, you can learn how to build and delete roads for vehicles (busses or trucks) to load and unload passangers or cargos.


How do I lay roads?

First of all, you must open the Road construction toolbar - click the Road construction button Roadcnstr.png on the menu bar:

The road construction toolbar

There are two ways you can lay roads:

  • Using 2 directioned road section buttons.
  • Using Autoroad tool.

Building selected direction sections

Click on one of the road building buttons Build road.png. The example uses the 1st button.

Placing roads

  1. Move the cursor over the tile you want to start your road on.
    Laying a new road
  2. Drag the cursor to where you want your road to end.
    Laying a new road
  3. Release the mouse button and your new road will appear.
    Your new road
  • Note that this works with half-tile precision. If you e.g. click in the right half of a tile and then drag to the right the road will start with a half tile. The same applies for the end tile.
half empty tile

Removing roads

To remove the roads, select the Remove tool Clear button. The white square will change to a red square. Now you can simply click & drag along the existing road sections to remove them. Click the tool button again to deselect it. You can also use the R key shortcut.

Using Autoroad tool

First select the Autoroad button Autoroad button from the road construction toolbar. You cursor will change to represent Autoroad feature.

Selecting Autoroad feature

Placing roads

  1. You can placing horizontal/vertical road sections (along squares). Put your cursor over any square and click & drag along the squares.
    You can click in a square and move your mouse in different directions to see how new roads would be placed.
    Laying a straight piece of tracks
  2. Release your mouse cursor and you will have built a straight section of roads.
    A newly built straight section of roads
  3. Placing diagonal roads is not posible.
  4. Autoroad tool works fine with hilly terrain, showing you how roads will be placed on a non-uniform landscape.
Laying a piece of tracks over a hilly terrain
Laid a piece of tracks over hills

Removing roads

There are two ways to remove road sections (besides the dynamite Dynamite tool tool)

  • The easy way to remove roads is to hold down the CTRL key.
  1. To remove a section of roads, hold CTRL and click & drag along existing road section. Just as you would when building roads.
    Deleting roads (with CTRL)
  2. Release the mouse and the roads will be sold.
    A newly deleted roads
  • The second way is to select the Remove tool ( Clear button ). The white squares will change to red squares. Now you can simply click & drag along the existing roads to remove them. Click the tool button again to deselect it. You can also use the R key shortcut.

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