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In-depth Instructions

In this tutorial you can learn how to Build Stations for road vehicles to load and unload and how to pick a suitable location for a road station. Road vehicles best be used to move passengers from town to town or even from one side of town to the other. Once you get the hang of building simple routes, you can use road vehicles for other things as well.


Finding a suitable location

A town

Click and drag using the right mouse button to move around the map. Look for a group of houses - this is a town. Each town has its name displayed in the middle of it, followed by a number in brackets indicating its population. Try to find a town of 500 inhabitants or greater.

Building bus stations

  1. Click on the Road construction button Roadcnstr.png. A new toolbar with more buttons will appear. These buttons are all related to building road-based services.
    Road construction toolbar
  2. Click on the Build Bus Station button BsStp.png. The Bus Station Orientation window will appear, giving you four choices for the orientation of your bus station.
  3. Look for a free tile next to a road, near to some houses.
  4. Click the correct orientation button so that your bus station will have its entrance facing the road.
    Selecting an orientation and location
  5. Left-click on your chosen tile to build the bus station there. You'll notice a red number floating up, which indicates the amount of money you just spent. If you get the orientation right, you'll also notice the road is extended into your bus station. Besides building on flat land you can also build on slopes.
  6. Repeat this procedure for another bus station in a different part of town.
    Two bus stops.

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