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In-depth Instructions

In this tutorial you can learn how to buy (purchase, build), sell (delete) and modify aircraft.

Purchasing aircraft

Steps to purchasing an aircraft:

  • Build an airport.
  • Click the hangar building located in the airport to open the Aircraft Hangar window.
    Aircraft Hangar window
  • Click on the New Aircraft button located on the lower left-side of the Aircraft Hangar window. This will bring up the New Aircraft window.
  • Browse the list of available aircraft, select one, and press the Build Aircraft button. A window will appear showing the aircraft in the Hangar.
    Selecting an aircraft
  • If you want to carry something else than passengers and mail, you need to refit the aircraft. While it is standing in the hangar, press the "refit" button in the Aircraft window.
    The aircraft window for your new aircraft!
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