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Flag Gd.png Bheir an duileag seo clàr-amais dhut dhe dh'aistidhean a tha gan eadar-theangachadh dhan Ghàidhlig san Uici aig OpenTTD.
Thèid aistidhean le {{Eadar-theangachadh/Gd}} is {{Ga eadar-theangachadh/Gd}} a shealltainn an-seo gu fèin-obrachadil.
Flag En.png This page provides an index for a wide range of articles are being translated into Scottish Gaelic in OpenTTD Wiki.
Articles with {{Eadar-theangachadh/Gd}} and {{Ga eadar-theangachadh/Gd}} templates automatically go here.

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