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...the house was a complete mess

Would not it be more correct to use "user pages"? Or link the two pages? Sometimes the contents are swapped (or mixed). Would have to differentiate what is a page of information on what is a personal page.


Information page User page
Belugas (its a user page) User:Belugas (without content)
Darkvater (its a user page) User:Darkvater
Dominik (its a user page) User:Dominik
Frosch (its a user page, completely) User:Frosch
Maedhros (its a user page) User:Maedhros

Yes check Green.png (Its a information page!) Face-Grin-120px.png


Yes check Green.png (Its a User page)

Peter1138 (its a user page) User:Peter1138
TrueBrain (its mixed user/information page) User:TrueBrain

--Luigix 13:07, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

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