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A setting that allows you to change the maximum size of a station.


The station spread is the maximum distance between two station tiles. There is a limit to how spread a station is allowed to be. If the station already covers this amount of tiles in a certain direction, you cannot add any other part to the station in this direction. With this patch you can change the maximum station size to anything between 4 and 64 tiles, the maximum value being larger than the longest train you can have, about 50 tiles. Be careful if not using the YAPF pathfinding though: The game will slow and then become unstable when you set this to a value higher than the default of 12.


The default station spread is 12. You can change this value through the configure patches -> stations window or use the following syntax in openttd.cfg:

station_spread = 12
1. - An extremly wide-spread station
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