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Distribution mode for the ARMOURED cargo class.

The ARMOURED cargo class contains valuables in the temperate, diamonds in the subtropical or gold in subarctic climate. NewGRFs may change that.

Possible values

  • 0 - "manual" means that no automatic distribution will take place for those cargoes.
  • 1 - "asymmetric" means that arbitrary amounts of cargo can be sent in either direction.
  • 2 - "symmetric" means that roughly the same amount of that cargo will be sent from a station A to a station B as from B to A.


It is recommended to set this to asymmetric (1) or manual (0) when playing subarctic, as banks won't send any gold back to gold mines. For temperate and subtropical you can also choose symmetric as banks will send valuables back to the origin bank of some load of valuables.

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