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32bpp Project

This is the 32bpp "Extra Zoom Level" graphics tracker, for the Extra Zoom Levels Project. Click on a category below to see what's been done and what needs to be done.

Terrain / Landscaping

Ground Terrain Grass, Sand, Soil, Pavements...
59% completed


Trees Terrain Trees, Bushes, Flowers...
20% completed


Misc Terrain Landscape buildings, hedges, fences...
13% completed


Water Water, shore, rivers...
20% completed


Tracks / Roads / Airports / Canals

Base Tracks All the track pieces that go on standard terrains.
37% completed


Bridges Tracks Bridge pieces.
43% completed


Tunnels Tracks Tunnel Entrances.
26% completed


Stations Tracks Stations, Ports, Airports...
59% completed


Misc Tracks Signals, wires, rail fences....
75% completed


Buildings (except stations)

Industrial Buildings Any Industry buildings should go here.
45% completed


City Buildings Office Blocks, Sky Scrapers, stores, Football fields...
79% completed


HeadQuarters Buildings Company Head quarters.
83% completed



Road Vehicles Buses, trucks, cars...
81% completed


Air Vehicles Helicopters, Planes, blimps...
12% completed


Water Vehicles Boats, hovercraft, subs...
0% completed


Rail Vehicles Trains, Trams, Maglev, Monorail...
22% completed


Misc Vehicles UFOs...
75% completed



GUI Signs, Buttons, skins, pointers...
75% completed




Total Bridge Renewal Set
0% completed


Related stuff

  • Props Graphics that may be used as parts of other graphics. E.g. bulldozers, cars, etc...
  • Abandoned sprites Abandoned graphics, might serve as an inspiration source.

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