HeadQuarters Buildings (New Graphics)

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83% completed


Tracker status, color key:
Unclaimed work Work In Progress DONE

HQ: Engineer HQ: Traffic Manager HQ: Transport Coordinator
Original HQ1.png HQ2.png HQ3.png
Update Hq2 32bpp.png Hq3 32bpp.png
Remodeled by Dhm_Mac and Varivar Dhm_Mac and Varivar Dhm_Mac and Varivar
HQ: Director HQ: Chairman Statue
Original HQ4.png HQ5.png Company Statue.png
Update Hq4 32bpp.png Statue2.png
Remodeled by northstar2 Dhm_Mac
State DONE Unclaimed DONE

blend file for Varivar's HQs

HQ: Chairman

latest blend file 19 Nov 2006 by LordAzamath, can be released as GPL.


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