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OpenTTD introduces a host of new features not present in the original game by Chris Sawyer.


Significant enhancements

Better usability

  • Convert rail tool (to rail, electric rail, monorail, maglev)
  • Build stations with drag&drop
  • Build while paused
  • Mouse wheel can be used to scroll in menus and to zoom in/out on win32 and linux
  • Autoscroll (to left/right)
  • Bigger demolish tool
  • Plant trees on area
  • Sell entire train by dragging to dynamite trashcan
  • Road and rail removing by dragging

New options

  • "No train service" option
  • "No inflation" option
  • "Full load any" option, as in ttdpatch
  • Feature: "select goods" option
  • "Multiple similar industries in close proximity" option
  • "Multiple industries per town" option
  • News item for "train is unprofitable" (change in openttd.cfg)
  • News item for "train is lost" (change in openttd.cfg)
  • Starting_date, takes a value on the form yyyy, yyyymm or yyyymmdd.
  • Select what vehicle types the ai will build
  • Ability to choose snowline height
  • Change default servicing interval for vehicles
  • Change max # of vehicles per player
  • New pathfinding algorithm for trains (enable with new_pathfinding)

Graphics & interface

  • Screenshots can be BMP, PNG or PCX (select in game options menu)
  • More currencies (including Euro introduction in 2002)
  • More townname languages
  • Resolution selection for fullscreen mode
  • Refresh rate configuration setting
  • Town directory sorting
  • Patch options configuration window
  • "Debtmax" faster loan management with ctrl key
  • Colorful newspaper after a certain date
  • Game speed increase (through fast forward button or by pressing Tab)
  • Color coded vehicle profits
  • Plant random tree type
  • Hotkeys

Custom Graphics

  • Supports the NewGRF system, NewGRF files may be installed which can:
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