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This is the Misc 32bpp "extra zoom level" graphics tracker, See below what had been done and what has to be done.

75% completed


Smoke, fireballs...

Smoke fireball.png

Steam sparks.png


Smoke (3701-3708) Explosions (3709-3736) Smoke (3737-3740) Industrial Smoke (2040-2044) Industrial Spark (2055-2060) Train smoke/steam/spark (3073-3089)
z0 z1 z2
z0 z1 z2
z0 z1 z2
z0 z1 z2
z0 z1 z2
z0 z1 z2


  • These sprites can be done without using 3D software. You can use GIMP, Photoshop, PSP...
  • You don't need follow the original sprite exactly, but It must show the original action (for example, the sparks doesn't need the same shape, but it should show a electrical spark). [bad example - the sparks are supposed to creep the power plant equipment]


See disasters.

Name Original Remodeled By Status 32bpp image Source File
Small UFO Unclaimed
Large UFO Unclaimed
Fighter Unclaimed
Combat aircraft Combat aircraft.jpg Unclaimed
Submarine Submarine.jpg Unclaimed

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