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musicdriver is a variable of Openttd.cfg file, its possible values are:

  • null: Disables music
  • dmusic: Enables DirectMusic. This is the default music driver on windows1.
  • win32: Configures OpenTTD to use the system default Midi device2.
  • extmidi: Enables an external midi device, from the sound cards midi/game port
  • bemidi: Enables the BeOS MIDI driver


  • 1: Starting from r25269, the default midi device may be changed by passing 'port' parameter to the driver (eg: musicdriver = "dmusic:port=2"), the list of ports is printed when starting openttd with -d driver1.
  • 2: Depending on the Windows operating system, the default midi device may be changed via the Sounds and Audio Devices (Windows XP) or via third party tools such as Vista Midi Picker or Bassmididrv on Windows Vista/7.
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